Archive | December 4, 2019

A bookish Christmas

I have been a member of a book club for over a decade. The membership has waxed and waned.

The core group for a number of years includes two other ladies who were there before I joined. Several of the ladies I only see at book club meetings. And yet, I feel we’ve become very close.

Our December meeting has morphed into a Christmas dinner, with book talk being inconsequential.

There have been divergent views on gift giving. One lady was all for it. Small gifts. Another previously said we shouldn’t start – it may become a chore.

I have a view that I accept gifts graciously and I may or may not give them. Depends on time, and to a lesser extent, finding something that strikes me as appropriate. Something I can buy six or seven of. Time is the real issue. Although I know it comes every year, it seems to sneak up on me too quickly.

I think we are happy to give and receive gifts but don’t care if someone does not give one. We all know how busy life is. One year one person may give and the next year not. It’s not an obligation!

Really, there is nothing that any of us NEED. We are all financially able to go out and buy whatever we want. None of us want more clutter. What to buy that is small, a token, but isn’t going to be pointless, and end as landfill?

Are you a gifter in these situations?

So what did we gift and receive?

  • A candle
  • Homemade flavoured salt. (I chose rosemary for roast lamb.)
  • Hand cream
  • German hazelnut star shaped biscuits (Yes, they were from me. But no, not home baked.)
  • A lovely unique Christmas decoration. (You’ll see it soon.)
  • And the best idea, a second hand book from one member’s purchases this year. She picked one that she thought would appeal or suit each of us. How perfect for ladies who love books, don’t want clutter, have enough stuff, and want to avoid commercialism? And for those who are all a bit green and anti-waste! Each book came with a home made laminated book mark.