Archive | December 6, 2019

Christmas Work Party

My employer will not pay for any Christmas celebrations nor gifts. (Actually they don’t give retirement gifts or thank you gifts, but that’s a whole different rant. My son’s low paying retail job pays for everything at their Christmas party. Even alcohol! Apparently it goes off.)

There’s no wild office party. (Well, if the staff went out for one, they don’t invite me as I’m the supervisor of the site. Or maybe it’s just me!?!)

Every year, I meet up with other site bosses for a dinner. It is not a wild night. Not is it a late night. We normally finish just after 9pm, having arrived by 7pm.

But it is good to chat with people in the same position, dealing with the same shit challenges. Having a laugh at the bureaucratic ridiculous-ies.

I look forward to the dinner. I don’t see any of them socially, and only really chat with one of them on a regular basis. But we are bound by our position in the public service. And in the main, they are a witty, articulate bunch.

So we say cheers to the year that has passed, laugh at our bureaucratic betters, talk about travel plans (one or more of us is always off somewhere or just returned) and wish each other a merry Christmas.

Do you have a work Christmas party? Is anything supplied by your employer?

If it is, or was, a wild night, let me live vicariously, tell me the story.

Street decorations from the suburb where we “let down our hair”. Lol! No photos of the pillars of society. They remain anonymous.