Archive | December 8, 2019

Street Christmas Party

Does your street come together for a Christmas party?

Seven years ago I letter bombed the houses in my street to alert them about a horrid development taking place next go me. We got to know one another as we joined forces to protest.

Five or so households became quite friendly and organised a street party. The first was an amazing success. A neighbour dressed up as Santa, was driven up the street to the party on a ride-on mower and gave gifts to the children.

We’ve been meeting up every Christmas for a street party. Not all join in. Beyond the five houses of people who catch up for a drink or spa evening or afternoon tea throughout the year, several others join in for the Christmas party. Every year there’s a few new residents. But there’s a couple of families who religiously avoid the party, (and barely nod to us throughout the year).

We don’t apply to council to close the street. There’s a battle axe block, where a driveway goes between two houses to property behind the houses facing the street. We meet along the driveway.

Luckily it is warm and generally dry in Sydney at Christmas. We sit and chat and mingle and eat and drink and chat.

A good time is had by all.

The street party is one of the markers of the Christmas season for us.

Do you join with your neighbours to celebrate Christmas?