Archive | December 9, 2019

The Christmas Movie

As a child, every Christmas I waited for several Christmas movies to come on TV. Animated one. Frosty the Snowman. And the like.

When my children were growing up, we went to the cinema courtesy of the Catholic Club early December for many years. A pre-release special, a visit from Santa and a bag of lollies. It seemed we saw every Harry Potter this way. The boys would go to school and talk about the movie they saw. No one would believe them as “it wasn’t out yet.”

As an adult, there is only one Christmas movie I like. Only one I can watch again. And again.

I love Bill Nighy. And his silly song and his deep love for his manager. I’ve always loved Andrew Lincoln since the TV series, Teachers.

I love Hugh Grant and his dance as PM. Colon Firth and the misunderstanding.

But there’s much of it that I can’t watch. The adultery. I feel sick for Emma Thompson. How stupid is her husband to allow himself to be wooed?? How can Laura Linney give up love, or even a quick shag, for her brother? Surely he can wait!!

Last year I watched it and followed others in my hemisphere who were tweeting about it.

Who am I to break tradition?

But I still mute bits. Like the American President hitting on Natalie. Creep!

Do you have a Christmas movie favourite?