Archive | December 11, 2019

Christmas Pyramid

Several years ago, The Dreamer bought me this for Christmas.

I love it – the mixture of beauty and science; the flickering light patterns; the hypnotic movement. I loved that he picked this on his own. No advice. No suggestion.

I have owned several different versions of Christmas pyramids. One version was made out of metal and as the windmill turned, a small metal “stick” hanging from the windmill, would strike a bell, adding sound to the movement and light.

I remember one we owned just didn’t want to turn and the balsa wood on the windmill started blackening and smouldering.

I never knew they had a specific name, until I googled them to write this post.

Although this takes up a bit of space when packed up, it is a keeper. Not just for its beauty, but as The Dreamer gifted it to me. Every now and then, I think of passing it on to someone- we’ve got our joy from it – but then I set it up and remember it is lovely. So I’ll keep it until it breaks or gets too dusty and grimy.

Do you have a special Christmas decoration?