Archive | December 16, 2019

Aussie Christmastime

It’s hot.

It’s humid.

It’s hot and humid. The air is so heavy.

And then it’s hot and dry. Everything is so dry.

The school year is ending. No more thinking about homework and assessments.

Bloody private schools are off already. Look at the difference to Sydney traffic! If everyone went to their local school, imagine the difference? No massive, diesel 4WD clogging the roads taking princesses and Nigels to school. Look, this is how it’d be!

The building industry is closing down for several weeks. “Sorry, can’t do any work, suppliers are shutting down.”

Government offices are closed over Christmas New Year. “Might be looked at before Christmas. You’d be lucky, though.”

Head to the beach. A quick swim.

Heading away for hols? Before or after Christmas?

Heading north, of course. Everyone heads north. North, to more heat and sun.

A camping holiday sounds good. Camping by the beach, of course. National Park or caravan park?

Neighbours strolling in the late evening. “Everything’s so dry. My garden’s dying.” Mine too.

“Have you got the tree up? We get a real tree from the Scouts.”

Grass is brown. Garden is thirsty. What level water restrictions?

“What are you doing for Christmas? How many are you having? Your place or the relos? Full cooked dinner or seafood?”

“Finished the Christmas shopping?”

Mangoes. Mmm. Mangoes.

First box of cherries. Love cherries.

Who thought Lindt balls were appropriate for this time of year?

When’s the southerly due?