A crafty Christmas

Inspired by Anne, and using the YouTube link on her site, I decided to try some craft.

I am not usually crafty. No time. Lacking in fine motor skills. My work always is skewiff, messy, bodgey.

But I have it a try while watching TV. I used a magazine so nothing lost if it didn’t turn out. I could just put the evidence in the recycling.

But it is OK. And next year I will use a book. Maybe for bookclub Christmas presents.

I might even give the more complicated double tree a go!

8 thoughts on “A crafty Christmas

  1. Looking good! Magazines make very sturdy ones. Did you find, that once you got into the groove of the folding, that it was both easy and meditative? (I guess for some people ‘meditative’ is a synonym for ‘needing patience’!)

  2. Worked out well! It would be cool as a Book Club gift. Some kids at school make porcupines out of old book pages. They were really appealing somehow: almost drew you into the book by the appeal of the shape.

    Good luck today managing everything in this heat.

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