Archive | December 21, 2019


That’s me. I’ve been spoiled.

School year is over. We were limping along at the end. Then right at the end, our spirits revived. We could feel the holidays.

I had to make four trips to my car at the end of the last day! Why? Because I’ve been spoiled.

Bottles and bottles of wine. Mainly red and a few sparkling. Which is great ’cause that’s what I drink.

A heap of chocolates and lollies. Also fantastic ’cause I eat them. (Only one box of Lindt balls. Word has gone out. I hate Lindt balls. All my family hates Lindt balls. Except my MiL who will get the box as her gift.) The Dreamer has already helped himself to some bananas (I was given the BIGGEST bag I have ever seen, didn’t even know they came in such a big bag – they are my favourite lolly) and pestered me to open the marshmallows (which I also love). Also in there are some homemade biscuits and fancy salad dressing and fairy floss.

And then there was a collection of different items: cooler cover for champagne (love it), hand operated food chopper (always wanted one), candles and smelly things (all are scents I like which means no regifting needed), divine body polish (thanks E, I know you’re reading!), a travel book.

The most unusual gift: a bonsai tree. Much laughter ensued as the giver bought three for three people and picked the plant for the personality. Mine is sparky and like lightning. (Better than the one that looked like a penis, I suppose.) But bugger me, I spent two hours reading on how to care for a bonsai. This is a gift with lots of work. It’ll be lucky to last two years.

And the pièce de résistance, a homemade Christmas cake. It weighs a tonne. Will be full of fruit and alcohol. I know because the person made me one last year and she soaks it for weeks. All the decorations are made by the gifter, even the sugar lace on the side.

There’s a few more things but shhhh! they’re being regifted. Not because they are not nice. They are. But I have so much stuff, I don’t need more. Just in case someone reads this who has given the gifts or who will receive them, I’m not mentioning them here.

All these came from work colleagues, with some chocolates and biscuits and the cake from students and their families.

Normally Mr S gets more than me. This time I beat him by a tonne.

See what I mean when I said I’m spoiled? Strangely, as I normally do not want gifts (either because it can be things you don’t need or want and I feel guilty getting gifts from staff who rely on me for continued work contracts and I feel guilty as I don’t do gifts for most of the staff) I feel really chuffed.

Thank you to my gift givers!