Archive | December 22, 2019

A neighbourly Christmas

One of our neighbours, who is also one of the key street party supporters, invited us over for drinks the other night.

Wasn’t sure what to expect. Didn’t know who’d be there.

As it was the night before the last day of work, I planned on it being a quick night; I had to be up early and be a bright spark for the whole day at work. Also, as I’ve written before, I was exhausted in the downhill run to the end of the school term.

All in all, I was expecting a quick pre-dinner drink with a few nibblies.

Well, we had a lovely night. And a big one.

My glass was refilled, possibly a few too many times. (I blamed the red eyes the next day on the smoke haze!)

There was plenty to eat.

And most importantly the three other couples supplied much chat, laughter and good cheer.

Ah! Christmas in Australia. Sitting and drinking outdoors with neighbours!

Only downside?

Bloody mozzies had a field day on me. I didn’t notice until the next day. Half way through the day I realised I was scratching my legs to shreds. (Post Christmas I will blog about my anti-itch discovery.)