Archive | December 23, 2019

No way! You didn’t really buy that as a Christmas gift?

There was nothing Mr S and I wanted for Christmas. We’ve just had a trip to Germany and are about to fly out to California. We have enough stuff and don’t want more landfill. I refuse to buy Mr S another nerf gun; he has too many of those. Grrrr. Clutter!!!

Clothes? No. We both have enough. Jewellery. Not really. I have enough. And can’t stand the cost – would rather travel. Perfume. No. I have a bottle from last year. Only wear it occasionally.

Opps. This is meant to be about what to buy Mr S. Not what do I want for me.

Mr S has enough alcohol and clothes and knickknacks. He wanted a speedometer for his bike and a new iPhone cover. Both perfect for the boys to get him.


When we were Christmas present shopping, we walked past a shelf of bathroom products and I showed Mr S the exxy silicon toilet brush I was going to buy when our current one died. Mr S was enamoured. He liked the look of it. He thought it had good shit scrubbing potential.


That’s what he is getting for Christmas. A toilet brush. If it is any consolation, it is an expensive toilet brush.

And to go with it, I bought the book Sh*t Towns of Australia.

People at work couldn’t believe I was serious. Though one woman said it is a really good toilet brush.

I like that I’ve bought something that shocks people. Almost as much as I like buying something useful.

Though to be honest, I’d hate it if Mr S bought me something in the same line.

[Shhh. Don’t tell him but I’ve bought something else really good. And I’ve made a bid to upgrade our flights to business class. Don’t know yet if we’ve been successful.]