2020 and beyond

Like the message in the sand, my goals are always a work in progress.

Actually, they are much the same goals I had when I started this blog – to be healthier, fitter, slimmer, more organised, declutter, have a stylish house and a gorgeous garden.

I haven’t achieved any of these! But I mosey on along.

To get more of the house in order and keep up with the exercise, I’m dropping weekly French lessons. I need more time to do some of this:

Slothing. (Sea lions at Santa Cruz where I was on New Year’s Eve.)

I know I will set mini challenges throughout the year. (Challenges is such a nicer way to say I have tasks or jobs or chores, isn’t it?)

The larger goal of saving and planning for the year off in 2021 continues.

I’m starting my new bullet diary today. The one I bought in Germany. Let’s see how long that lasts!

First up, I’m tracking my fruit and water consumption – aiming for two pieces of fruit and one litre of water a day.

Not to find ways around either goal immediately, but I googled it the sultanas in my bran flakes count as fruit. According to the UK’s NHS, they do. So with the orange, I’ve met the first tick in my bullet diary!! Yay!!!!

Happy new year to all my readers and especially those who comment.

16 thoughts on “2020 and beyond

  1. I think we are all looking for similar goals as yours – it is finding out what works for us or not that is the challenge to meeting them. I plod on too in the hope that I can one day say I have achieved them all – truth is I come close sometimes but then it all goes to pot once again!
    Being a sea lion must have its compensations – no house to declutter, relatively stable weight and fitness levels, no worries other than where the next meal is coming from or fending off attacks and lots of time chilling out!
    Happy New Year. x

  2. Continuing to work on the same goals that are never really “done” has been an adjustment as I get older. I felt like I was always doing something big when I was younger, like oh this year I finished high school, or this is the year I bought a house, and for the past few years I haven’t had any huge accomplishments – just slowly getting better at cooking, or tiny improvements in my savings rate. Which is okay but just a different mindset that takes some getting used to.

  3. Perhaps if we think of some goals as ideals we’d be less frustrated when we fail to fully achieve them. We can still work on them, try to plan for them and maybe even achieve some of them. But, let’s not feel angry or exasperated or beat ourselves up when we don’t live up to the ideal. Good to remember that perhaps some of our best times may have been when we ignored the “should have” and simply enjoyed the moment–whether it it eating a delicious dinner, having a glass of wine, or buying a frivolous item.

    Enough of philosophy. Happy New Year!

  4. I’ve had the same goals for years and years – I kept picking things I couldn’t do (like, stop fucking swearing. Um. Yeah. That panned out well. I’ve cut back at work a lot, although I have a leave pass for swearing at word and excel. Or say no to shit. I suck at that, too.) So now, my goals are single words:
    Vaguely specific.

    Good luck with starting the bullet journalling, I’m still going with that – I think I’ve been doing it for four years now? I still go back to old journals for stuff, so it’s a useful system for me anyway. Two tips – watch the original Ryder Carroll thingy on the youtube for the basic ideas. And do what you want with the rest of it (also, don’t get sucked into the insta void. You’ll never start!)

    • I swear badly. Or very well. Depends on how you look at it.

      Read is never on my list as it is just a given. Like breathing.

      My bullet journal is really a fixed one so against the point but I’m not creative and never write nice neat lists so real bullet diaries will look shit. Actually think the best thing is something that lets me write lists and reminders on a day to a page. But any excuse to buy a new journal.

  5. Will you keep up with your French in some way? I try to do one lesson on DuoLingo each day to just keep things ticking over and keep it fresh in my mind. It takes me less than 5 mins.

  6. Happy New Year, Lucinda! You’ve done so well sticking to French for so long…but “slothing” (or having downtime) is so critical and I think leads to much creativity and clarity. I haven’t set goals yet but I like how you have specific, clear ones like water/fruit for the bigger health goals. Ha – “any excuse to buy a new journal” – definitely!! Hopefully we might see some sneak peaks as the year goes on!

    • I’ve already found this journal too prescriptive. It’s more like a way for teens to record feelings and for people who only have a couple of things to do each day. May have to find a new to do list journal.

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