Covert COVID weekend

Social isolation is not an act of fear; it’s an act of love. Slow the spread.

I like alliteration. Hence the blog post title. And my weekend was covert in that I was not out and openly on display.

Here’s how I spent my weekend, minimising social contact.

1. Sleeping. I was exhausted. What a week! (I may post on it in the future.) I had a few naps. Heaven.

2. Catching up on my blog reading. Almost done. Just need to use my laptop to read ones on Blogger.

3. Mending a pair of shorts. Three, all three, buttons on the one pair of shorts came off. One on the front – kind of important to stop the shorts falling down. This was the last button to fall off. The other two were from the back pockets. I lost them. I really didn’t care that they’d fallen off. But when the one that made wearing of the shorts possible, that one needed to be sown back on or the shorts were useless. So I sewed that one on. And found two blue buttons that would do perfectly for the back pockets. I won’t imagine needing these shorts until next summer, but I feel a sense of virtuousness.

4. Bushwalking. After reading Nathan’s blog, I decided to venture out for a short exploration. I was soundly rewarded with sighting a TORTOISE IN THE WILD.

OK, not the wild. The edge of a bit of wilderness, 50 metres from the road of the suburb. But who would guess a tortoise could live in water that must have so much urban run-off.

The short walk led us through massive blue gums. We didn’t see such tall trees in Europe.

We enjoyed ourselves so much, we ventured out again on Sunday for a different section of the walk.

I love how this gum looks like it is melting over this rock, like a blog of melted plastic or fat.

5. Cleaning. Blah. Washed sheets and clothes and the floor. Recently, I’ve started wiping over high touch stops, like light switches and door and cupboard handles with diluted bleach. (You know why.) I also did two-fifths of the back French doors.

6. Some work emailing and an online course about COVID here

And in non-covert action, I popped it to the supermarket. No panic buying. Just out normal shop which we’ve been avoiding for months.

3 thoughts on “Covert COVID weekend

  1. I love the turtle and the big tree! What a beautiful area. And great weather.

    I have been getting some home-related stuff done, too.

    I’d like to hear about your last week at work, if you get a chance!

  2. Welcome back. Good to hear from you.

    Looks like you are making the best of things with some nature walks. Tripping the turtle trails (see, I can do alliteration, too).

    Being one of the oldies and not near any nature walks (though one unknown neighbor might qualify as wildlife in the worst sense of the word–as the night before last some drunk evidently fell into our front bushes–damaging them–and left behind his grungy cowboy boots and a woolly cap—sigh), all my activity is now taking place in-home. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  3. I’d like to hear about your last week at work, too!

    How’s the tortoise!! Love the trees.

    Oh and love the link to Solo Hiker’s blog! I’ve been plotting some solo or family hikes to deal with self-isolating. Love your big trees!

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