Running to the corner, running very fast

I’ve been running.

No, not running late.

No, not a pathetic lady-half-skip-trot thing.

Full on bloody jogging-running.

Where on earth has that come from!!??

I recently saw a physio for my bung ankle. He worked some miracles and said it was fine but might need some more work if I ran. No, I don’t do that. “What about for a bus?” I’d catch the next one.

The sport department at work brought in an app to have a virtual athletics carnival. (COVID means no carnivals.)

I thought I’d encourage participation. My usual walk is about 4.7km so I could just turn on the app for 3ks of that.

Which turned into “I might jog a few steps” which apparently is like interval training.

Jogged more next time and cut down my time by A LOT. Massively.

Did it again and cut even more off. Did 3km in less that 17 minutes.

Accusations of cheating at work. “You got your son to do it.” Well if he did it, he’d do it way faster.

“How can someone your age, who’s never run, do that time.”

How would I bloody well know?

“How can someone who doesn’t run, do it three days in a row and not have sore muscles?”

Mmm, no idea.

Left work on time one day saying, I have to leave, I’ve got to go for a run.

My god. Who is that? What does it feel like to be a person who has to go for a run!!!!

And someone who thinks they can shave 2 minutes off.

Strange times indeed.

8 thoughts on “Running to the corner, running very fast

  1. I went for a run a few days ago for the first time in two years. I have whined and complained for two days straight about how sore I am, and how i might die if i run again, so hooray for you:) Keep it up. Run some for me:)

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