Lucky, lucky, lucky

Day 4 in Japan

The morning broke clear and sunny. Oh no! How could our sightseeing day, Day 3, be overcast and wet. Yet the day we were to visit the Catholic school, the day we were spending time in classrooms and conference rooms, the day we would be inside, be clear and bright?

As we travelled by bus, we all cheered. A glimpse of Mt Fuji, sighted between buildings. No, lost it. We kept peering for a view between buildings. No, we were surrounded by buildings.

At the school, we all kept craning our necks to see Fujisan.

And then! Surprise! The principal arranged for us to go onto the school’s roof.

Wanting a global focus and to develop their students’ speaking skills, the school employed lots of English speaking teachers and teachers aides, from America, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. One of the teachers told us we were lucky as he’d never been up on the roof before. That’d be a rule I would break. Fancy not breaking rules! Do you know what bared the way up the stairs? A plastic chain strung across from railing to railing! Pfft.

We were lucky indeed!

And the view! Oh, the view!

Unobstructed by buildings.

Lucky. Lucky. Lucky.

11 thoughts on “Lucky, lucky, lucky

  1. Im surprised by your enthusiasm to seeing Mt Fuji!! We had a huge day with 600 modes of transport and still didn’t see it!! We even went to some sort of gift store for Fuji!!

  2. Wow. Don’t you find yourself looking at something like that (or the Swiss Alps or a beautiful lake in Italy or the Twelve Bens in Connemara…) and wanting to pinch yourself because it doesn’t seem real? Best thing about travel…bringing those moments to life.

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