Archive | February 6, 2021

Just start writing

More than seven months since my last post.

Should I just ignore the gap? Jump in with a post on the right shape of tea cups or the value of flannelette sheets?

Was it COVID that caused the pause?

In a way.

While things slowed down – no theatre, no going into town, no nights out, very little travelling for much of the year – other things ramped up – work stress (and not all due to COVID), exercise and “getting (most) things done”.

Isn’t it funny just as I let my French lessons go because I couldn’t fit in the needed time to study , COVID hit and I wouldn’t have been able to go to class anyway?

The age old question of how to spend the hours in the day! I decided that I needed to spend more time on physical exercise and I didn’t want to be rushing around on the weekend – French lesson, to the city for lunch and theatre, to the hairdressers, to the gym. Ha! They all stopped anyway.

So what did I do?

I turn into a pottering gardener who takes cuttings to strike! A regular Bunnings visitor. I exercised quite a bit when the gyms reopened. Read apace. Walked. And I started cleaning out the photos on my phone.

As the blog title commanded, I just had to jump in and start writing. And I am back! Like that poem – not Hughes’ The Thought Fox but something similar – just write and it is written. Start and it is done in the process of doing. (Wish I remembered the poem. I quite liked it.)