Archive | February 11, 2021

Environmental hypocrisy

Is it hypocritical to care about the environment and drive a petrol powered car?

I know I am privileged to live in a city with clean, regular and fast public transport options, which given reasonable options, I often use. I rarely drive into the city. The train is just too convenient and fast. However, I always drive to work as it would take a train and a bus and triple the length of my journey. Of course during COVID, I’ve been minimising the use of public transport and haven’t gone into the city much at all.

Mr S and I love road trips, and took several long ones during the summer holidays. There’s no public transport options for those. Though I suppose we could visit one place for a longer period of time.

I drive to the gym when I could catch a train. But the convenience! And the time! I know it’s ironic that rather than “waste” time walking to the station (all of 6 minutes!) and walking from the station at the other end (equally short!), I drive so I have time to work out. I should investigate whether the trains will meet my class times and not involve much waiting. I suppose I’ve just assumed I’d have to wait and the train times wouldn’t align with my classes.

On the upside, Mr S and I walk. A lot. We walk to the local supermarkets with our reusable bags or our nanna trolley. (If we’re doing a big shop, we do drive.) Mr S has even walked with a moving trolley to the local bottle shop to buy cases of beer! I walk to the public library. We walk up to our local restaurants and pub. Mr S walks to work – every single day!!!

I drive a recent model small car. It is very fuel efficient. I’m really happy with it. But is it enough?

The reduction in cars on the road has made such a difference to our air quality in Sydney, without the concerns about carbon emissions. According to the book I have just read, which was also a TV series here in Australia, Fight for Planet A, transport makes up around 19% of our total emissions, with 60% coming from the cars we drive.

What next?

The idiotic conservatives in power have mocked electric cars. God, they even want to build a new coal powered electric plant because private industry doesn’t.

After reading Fight for Planet A, my next car won’t be an electric car.


Yes, that’s right. Because I don’t have solar power, I would be recharging my car using coal powered electricity.

I’m getting a hybrid car. The car creates its own electricity from breaking. As a urban driver, I break a lot! And as a holiday road trip driver, I won’t have to worry about finding recharging stations in the country.

OK, this isn’t going to happen for about three years. I’m happy with my little car and won’t change it over yet. And, of course, things may change in three years.

Here’s my next car:

Tell me what do you drive? And do you use public transport? If not, why not?