You need to write a blog post about that

I have a go-to friend who I contact whenever I hear or see things that annoy me. Things that rile me up. That get my goat. That stick in my craw.

Things like mispronunciation of words on TV and audiobooks.

Or horrid accents or disconnect between the narrator and story on audiobooks.

Or people doing stupid things. Stupid as defined by us, of course.

Likewise, she contacts me when she witnesses something that breaks her rules. She tells me that I need to write a blog post about that.

(‘Cause that’ll show ‘em. That’ll put them in their place.)

We also contact each other when we find out something we didn’t know – to check if the other knew it, to confirm we are not strange to not have know it. (Like, did you know riffle – as in to riffle through papers – is not pronounced rifle? We didn’t.)

Anyway, as part of my attempt to routine-ise my blogging, Tuesdays will now be dedicated to blithering. Offloading about rules. Writing about the obscure and the overlooked. Sharing my views on unimportant topics and on strange things learnt.

BTW, I reserve the right to break my own rules. As I did in the previous paragraph. I hate people turning nouns into verbs, or worse just using a noun as a verb (as in “He disrespected me.”)

And as I say to my friend, when she is fired up about something and wants me to write about her issue in my blog, “That’s your issue, you write your own blog,” I expect our views will not always align. And that’s OK.

16 thoughts on “You need to write a blog post about that

  1. See? At times like this I feel like your muse. Another of my skills (besides rule-developing) is fabulous titles or inspirations for blog posts.
    And I’m not sure I’ve run my theory about personality types and the way people leave their bins out for collection by you…

    • No, haven’t heard your bin/personality nexus theory. Will look forward to hearing it soon.

      And yes, Ms Muse. But lest you think you need to give me topics soon, I have the next two Tuesdays already done. Not rants, more observations.

  2. Looking forward to these posts! As we agree on how it grates to hear ‘disrespected’ as a verb, I am sure I will agree with many other of your observations. 😉

  3. My command of English was never very good and I had a MIL who had won prizes for it but she never pointed out my wrong doings (thankfully) as there would probably have been far too many! I look forward though to learning what is right and wrong and anything unusual – I am always willing to learn and maybe that is why I read more non-fiction books than fiction – I am the perpetual student.

    • Ah, it’s not finding mistakes in writing and spelling (though sometimes that is funny) but ranting about all manner of wrongs. My friend’s current favourite is people who put stuff in her bin on bin night. And people who leave the bin lid open are condemned to all manner of hellfire.

      • Oh I could join in with that easily – though we have not had things put in our bin – more likely they would just throw it into our garden!!
        At the moment we have two new sets of neighbours opposite and one has a little boy who comes out to play football in the cul-de-sac and hammers it against someone else’s wall but not his own (parents do nothing to stop him). We had football for years in the cul-de-sac and the kids then used to hit the ball so hard it would wedge under my car and when they pulled it out twice they pulled away part of the exhaust pipe with it. Then all the boys grew up and moved on but now we have young boys moving in again and the problems could all start up again…. sigh!!

      • Oh, my friend would be up in arms about this. A damaged car!!! She growls at the kids if they walk on her gutter. Lol.

        My family is probably the loud family in the street. Skateboarding. Guitars. Loud talking. But I am sure my boys never damaged someone’s car.

  4. Don’t get me started. People who think it’s OK to inflict their screaming kids on others whilst pretending to be unaware that chaos reigns around them.
    And you know you agree with me about play areas in the middle of dining areas in clubs.

  5. Right there with you on…
    …the usage of a noun as a verb
    …lack of noun/verb agreement in speech/writing
    …double negatives in speech
    …beer cans/debris thrown in my yard by neighbor’s ‘friends’
    …children out of control in a restaurant environment (take them out!)
    …people texting while driving — holding their phones on the top of their steering wheel (a huge and deadly issue in US)
    …etc, etc, etc.
    Yep. I can come up with a few.

    • Oh yes, children out of control is close to one of my rants – children in pubs. They are for over 18. Take your children to Macdonalds. Our local pub is quite flash and has an inside playground for children. Quite happy that COVID has meant the play equipment is closed and every one has to remain seated. It has meant fewer kids in the pub.

  6. It’s good to have goals, and then plan them out and make a list so you can tick them off.
    Rant, check.
    You will feel so much better once that item is crossed off the list each week:)

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