Archive | February 18, 2021

Flying (again?). What about the environment?

As part of my new blogging routine, Thursday is green or gardening day.

Pre-COVID, there was this movement in Europe to take no-fly holidays. Easier to do when you live in a population-dense place.

Much harder to do in Australia.

Okay, I could holiday close to Sydney. Plenty of beautiful places. I discovered some last year as we couldn’t fly interstate or overseas.

Prior to COVID, the Sydney-Melbourne flight path was the busiest in the world. Hopefully, with the rise of virtual meetings, all the important business people and politicians won’t have to fly up and down in a day for their very important meetings, once things “return to normal”.

To see my mother, I have to fly. Driving for 9 hours non-stop on my own is out of the question.

The book I read, and loved, in January, Fight for Planet A by Craig Reucassel, said that offsets are the way to go. Like many people, I worried that the airlines wouldn’t use the donation to actually and effectively offset carbon emissions. But Craig says, in Australia, offset programs are closely regulated, so be assured. The money is used to sequester carbon.

So this time I ticked yes, I will fly carbon neutral. It was only a couple of dollars! Be gone guilt about the emissions from the flight.

In the future, it will always be a yes for me.

Here’s some links about it:

  • Choice, a consumer protection agency in Australia
  • Jetstar, the airline I flew with