Flying (again?). What about the environment?

As part of my new blogging routine, Thursday is green or gardening day.

Pre-COVID, there was this movement in Europe to take no-fly holidays. Easier to do when you live in a population-dense place.

Much harder to do in Australia.

Okay, I could holiday close to Sydney. Plenty of beautiful places. I discovered some last year as we couldn’t fly interstate or overseas.

Prior to COVID, the Sydney-Melbourne flight path was the busiest in the world. Hopefully, with the rise of virtual meetings, all the important business people and politicians won’t have to fly up and down in a day for their very important meetings, once things “return to normal”.

To see my mother, I have to fly. Driving for 9 hours non-stop on my own is out of the question.

The book I read, and loved, in January, Fight for Planet A by Craig Reucassel, said that offsets are the way to go. Like many people, I worried that the airlines wouldn’t use the donation to actually and effectively offset carbon emissions. But Craig says, in Australia, offset programs are closely regulated, so be assured. The money is used to sequester carbon.

So this time I ticked yes, I will fly carbon neutral. It was only a couple of dollars! Be gone guilt about the emissions from the flight.

In the future, it will always be a yes for me.

Here’s some links about it:

  • Choice, a consumer protection agency in Australia
  • Jetstar, the airline I flew with

9 thoughts on “Flying (again?). What about the environment?

  1. Here in Hawai’i, we’re in the same boat location-wise – we have to fly to get somewhere. We’ve always chosen to fly less but I am going to look into offsets for future trips. It sounds like the best we can do.

  2. I had my first staycation of sorts this year – Boyf got us two or three nights in a beachside suburb of sydney in an AirBnB. We went to new beaches (ok new to me), ate out, and lazed around. It helped to not have a washing machine or 1000 other household chores or errands in our faces, and nice to be a ‘local’ of another area for a few days (coincidentally, mid week, which had other upsides). Totally would do again.

    I’m a cynic about offsets too – sounds like I shouldn’t be… Opps. It’s my tightarse overriding my eco aspirations.

    • I like the idea of a beach staycation in Sydney – after all it is a beautiful place that people fly into – why should we fly away to fin nice beaches?

      Yes, I fear it was my tightarseness that stopped me buy carbon offsets. Now I will factor the cost into it. If I can afford a ticket of over $200, I can afford $2 of offsets!

  3. I always buy the carbon offsets so you’ve made me feel better. With family living over 5000 km away, we will always have air travel in our future. Otherwise we choose never to see them in person again.

  4. I last flew in 2015, but have a real concern that our children will fly the nest and live abroad. If I need to fly to visit them I will definitely offset, though I worry about the effectiveness of it. Eg. If trees are planted then a bushfire comes through all of that carbon is released, what then?

    To calm my uncertainty about offsets I’m doing all I can to reduce our flying. And I wonder if that is impacting others and affecting their own choices around flying.

    My mother-in-law was trying to arrange a family trip from Australia to the North Pole. She has 7 children, many of whom are now married and have children of their own. It would have been a lot of people flying to the other side of the world. We declined. There was also a family trip to the US to spend Christmas and meet some new-to-be in-laws that we refused. And we were very relieved when that brother had a quickie Covid wedding and we all got to watch it over YouTube Live rather than face the question of flying to the US for it.

    For the North Pole and Christmas trips over the past few years we claimed the expense was putting us off, but late last year my Dad broached a family trip to Fiji for the ten of us. I flat out told him that we would be very reluctant to go due to climate change. I’m surprised how well he took that, considering his views on some other matters. Hopefully these conversations will become easier over time.

    • That is very conscientious and committed of you. Well done. I know I wouldn’t turn down a trip for green reasons. So I will try to make amends doing other things.

      Can’t answer the bushfire argument. Except to say but if they weren’t planting trees for carbon offsets, there’s still be fires.

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