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Weekly catch-up: You need a new phone

Christmas Eve 2019, I dropped my phone and cracked the screen. I can be certain of the date because my son was stuck in LA airport as his connections (with the same airline!!) didn’t match. I was worrying and texting and talking and drinking.

My Darling spent the night in LA airport and didn’t make it home for Christmas. And my phone was seriously cracked.

All of a sudden, people started expressing an interest in my phone. And felt the need to give me advice. “You should get your screen fixed.” “You should get a new phone.” And the corker: “Are you an adult? You shouldn’t have a cracked screen.”

Then, around April, my photo lens started playing up. It did lead to some interesting effects that people thought I did intentionally, such as when a Shinkansen, the high speed train, sped by.

The lens is totally dead now. Well, doesn’t that invite all manner of advice! Especially as I can’t use a QR code to sign into venues for COVID safety. (It also added to my absence from blogging – I couldn’t add any of my own photos.)

Add in the idiosyncratic charging issue that grew more and more annoying …

And recently, calls failing mid call. Repeatedly.

So I’ve set myself a challenge. (You know how I like challenges!)

Prepare my phone for replacement

Things to do:

  • Sort through my saved passwords. Delete ones not needed. Change ones used too frequently. And write them into my diary
  • Sort and declutter photos. Make photo books, deleting most photos that are used in photo books
  • Save videos to Google Photos
  • Delete unnecessary apps
  • Extract notes I want to keep

I hope/plan/aim to have this all done by the end of February and the new phone purchased.

Watch this space!

What I’ve just read: Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. Really enjoyed this. Escapist murder mystery. Not your Nordic dark, graphically violent, scarily suspenseful murder. More Miss Marple. There’ll be s book two and, I’m sure, a TV miniseries.

What I’ve been watching: I watched the cutest documentary on quolls in Tassie – Quoll Farm. If you get a chance, watch it. Same night I watched a documentary on Princess Anne’s 70th. Although I’m a republican, it was interesting. And I could do some household jobs, coming in and out of the lounge room, and not lose the gist. Gogglebox allows me to catchup on a week’s worth of rubbish TV. I’ve been tired this week, so I started a couple of shows but never made it to the end – Vera and Hard Quiz.

Steps to my goals

  • Sleep: Saturday – slept poorly as I had eaten too much and was also worried I’d sleep in and miss my flight so kept waking up. Sunday in bed by 10.40pm Woken by alarm, which is Mr S turning on the radio for me, at 6am. Monday – slept poorly. Tuesday – 11.30 to 6 and deeply. Wednesday – didn’t record it so can’t remember. Thursday – at least 8 hours. Friday – naughtily fell asleep on the lounge but in bed before midnight and then read a bit, all up about 8 hours. I think instead of recording here, I will record my sleep in my diary.
  • Water: I have a beautiful glass and work, given as a gift. It reminds me to drink. But not enough. I have to find my bottle and fill that up every day.
  • Exercise: walk on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. I’ll be going back to he gym soon – booking in classes helps me keep in track and make boundaries around work demands.
  • Main thing for the year: I’ve been doing some work towards this. Stepping in the right direction.
  • Decluttering: to the local recycling centre with a worn pair of sandals, worn out handbag, two pairs of worn out shoes, single mattress protector and sheets.
  • Main thing too embarrassed to tell you about: a daily task undertaken to make progress towards it.
  • FIRE: doubled my mortgage repayments – now paying $8,000 a month. Plan to have the mortgage gone in three years. Bought four dresses!!! I know. But they are so beautiful. I am in love.