Weekly catchup: a new phone!

Did I tell you how old my smartphone was?

I bought it in March 2015.

Six years is not bad going for something I use every day – to blog, email, search, buy stuff, text, borrow and read books, phone, track all manner of things, access social media platforms, take photos, listen to music.

I’ve been umming and ahhing whether to go android or get another iPhone. You know Apples are over priced! And Samsung give super discounts to teachers. But do I really want to learn a new system?

After playing around with Mr S’s Googlephone for the past few months and checking out friends’ androids, I decided to stick with the iPhone.

Losing all my message threads and the apps was too much to handle. So looks like I’m hooked for life!

One of The Dreamer’s close friends works for Apple. He gave me a discount. Yay!

People have suggested I get work to buy me one – after all, I do a lot for work on my phone. But then work owns it. And all it contains. No way. With any luck my phone will last another five to six years!

I am so in love with my new phone. I thought I’d hate it, or at least find it pointless to have upgraded and paid so much. No, I love it.

It is so smooth, and crisp, and responsive. It’s nicer in the hand. Smaller than my iPhone 6 but with a larger screen. Its squarer edges make it easier to hold.

Oh, I shouldn’t have waited so long.

And the Apple guy advised me to go for a lower plan as I am wasting data and thus wasting money. So I’ve also phoned my provider and dropped to a much lower plan, saving over $10 a month.

Aren’t Apple so clever with their packaging? Even pulling off the outer wrapper is a joy.

Photo copied from Apple website. This is the colour I picked.

I’m off to listen to some music.

What I’ve just read: a book with four journal articles on an early convict- built road, The Great North Road. Yes, strange choice but I will soon visit part of the road that still exists – it’s been turned into a bush walk. Listened to Adam Hills’ audiobook of his autobiography, Best Foot Forword. It had moments of brilliance, surprise and humour. Hate his similes: too many, too frequent, too forced. Not a really laugh out loud or riveting read/listen.

What I’ve been watching: I didn’t watch Wife Swap this week but I did watch Botched. I love Botched. I think I want to go to LA and have those two do some cosmetic surgery on my face and boobs. And I watched yet another Michael Portillo train show but this one was in Australia – the Ghan, which I want to do with Laura and Brett. Probably can’t do for another 20 years. Not cause of COVID but because no one looked under 80 on the train – except the workers.

I’ve borrowed DVD of Season 1 of Vera from my public library. Hadn’t seen episode 1 so watched that. Will skip episode 2 as I’ve seen that. I’m also watching Our Yorkshire Farm on a catchup free to air channel. I loved Amanda Owen’s books and would so love to spend a year in some part of Yorkshire, experiencing the change of seasons. Not so much on a farm where I had to work but somewhere sort of remote.

Steps to my goals:

  • Sleep: I’ve slept deeply but most nights have only been 6 hours. I need to get to bed earlier.
  • Water: I’ve not put in steps to ensure I drink more. I need to do something here.
  • Exercise: walked for four afternoons. Will return to gym soon.
  • Decluttering: nothing this week, but I am wearing out some clothes that will go at the end of this term, or this year. Next year I won’t need work clothes – yee ha.
  • Main thing too embarrassed to tell you about: solid work on it on Sunday and had some parts fixed up so I can do more this weekend.
  • FIRE: my super is at $410,000. Not bad.

7 thoughts on “Weekly catchup: a new phone!

    • I have a colleague who says Apple products are more toys. He asks when am I going to grow up and get a real smartphone. Turns out I’m shallow and like design and ease over whatever it is that androids do better.

  1. I had to check how long I have had my phone – it was 2014 – it is a Sony Experia and cost me £40 with Sainsbury’s reward points – it will do me another 10 years (at least)!! Your new phone looks good – I hope it serves you well – I never do anything on mine other than the odd phone call when we go up to Scotland and I use the data allowance to get onto the internet on my computer as we have no internet connection at the cottage. It doesn’t even let me download any Apps now something to do with Google Play – I will no doubt be left behind in the dark ages but I can’t say I am bothered. We have an Apple computer – it went well for 2 or 3 years then suddenly the screen went blank one day – this kept happening until we can only run it now for 10 minutes before it goes off. There are so many Apple owners affected by this problem and Apple will not ‘own’ the problem – some people have had their computers almost rebuilt and still the problem continues. It affects both Mac books too.
    There was a program on about Amanda- Life in the wild with Ben Fogle – I haven’t read her books but they are now on my list.

    • We had a problem with our Mac too and they gave us a new one. But we stopped using it anyway as we all prefer mobile devices. Then the Mac wouldn’t turn on. Fingers crossed my phone will last as long as my old one.

      Amanda has 9 kids!!! Last one she delivered on her own at home with rest of family asleep. Tough woman! I finished season 1 this weekend. The moors look amazing in winter – as you’d know.

      • And they are wonderful kids who tuck into their meals and are not in the least picky. Macs are not what they are proclaimed to be and we cannot even get ours sorted because of the virus – maybe the Macs have all got Covid!!

  2. Your phone is pretty. Hope that it continues to meet your needs for many years.

    Honestly don’t know how old my phone is because it is a hand-me-down from my daughter. Previously had other brands, but this is an older apple and guessing it is about six years old. Works fine. I’m not one for downloading a ton of apps (don’t trust most of them–especially when you check into what they programmers want to access on your phone–seemingly everything–so no. Just no.). Only apps I use regularly are banking, password manager, email and weather. I add a few others when I travel (e.g. airlines/hotels) and then delete them when I return home. I always keep my location turned off. So far, it works for me. Only other apple products I’ve used is a very old ipod…which actually still works. Computers/laptops, whether for work or home, have all been Windows-based.

    • Yes, I agree, apps access a lot of info, but then I figure the convenience and I am such an unimportant and uninteresting person and have no wealth, whatever they find out won’t be much use.

      I have an early iPod tucked away somewhere. Now I never use iTunes. We have a family Spotify account – more apps!!!

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