Archive | March 2, 2021

Ranty Tuesday: Phone calls on public transport

I know I’m old fashioned (as evidence, I don’t like bare feet in shopping centres) but I can’t stand people making phone calls on public transport. Quick, “Sorry. On the train. Can’t talk. But yes, I’ll meet you there” type of calls are fine. But loud, personal, long calls. No. Don’t do it.

Firstly, it is disrespectful to other travellers. Your noise is invading us.

Secondly, why would you want to share private details to all and sundry?

This girl was gabbling on for ages – across several stops. And hey! Face masks were still mandatory on public transport. But if one is busy having a talk with someone and sucking on a thick shake, clearly the law doesn’t apply!!!

[Video deleted not for privacy but because WordPress wouldn’t play it!]

She should have been fined three times:

  1. No mask
  2. Loud talking on public transport
  3. Inane conversation

I will admit to having made a chatty, catch-up phone call on a train recently. But that was because there was a woman talking loudly on the phone, so rather than ask her to stop, I passively-aggressively rang a friend and talked louder. She didn’t stop though!

Your views on this critical matter?