A post in which Lucinda takes a stand on flannelette sheets

Dowdy? Grandma-ish? Lacking in style?

I suppose flannelette sheets are all of these.

They are also these things:

Snuggly. Warm. Cosy.

As a teen, I used to be very cold in bed with icey cold feet. I had to have flannelette sheets in winter.

I went off them for a while. Probably about the same time as locally produced products ceased and cheap Chinese flannelette sheets swamped the market and local producers went offshore. The cheap ones pilled awfully. Fluff everywhere. Despite lots of washes. I also felt they dried my skin. I could feel them sucking the moisture from my skin. No really. I’m not exaggerating. I could feel it.

On the recommendation of a friend, last winter, I bought a set from Aldi. A couple of weeks after they were part of the special buy! As luck would have it, there’s a local Aldi that always has special buys past their set day (it’s a hidden secret that only locals know and seemingly do not buy the special buys – or the alcohol). The sole set of flannelette sheets left were my bed size. It was meant to be.

From the start, they have been wonderfully cozy.

I love lazing in bed. Even more so with the soft, warm, cozy flannelette sheets.

(As to the piling, they are but not annoyingly so. Only a little to start with.)

But I won’t use the flannelette pillow case. Don’t like the feel on my delicate face. I let Mr S use them.

I know! I’m so generous.

6 thoughts on “A post in which Lucinda takes a stand on flannelette sheets

  1. Oh yes to flannelette sheets! It’s funny that you mention them now, as I am on the hunt for a bottom sheet. Ours wore out and now has a very thin patch around a tear. It seems that flannelette sheets come as sets, and I only need a fitted bottom sheet. The hunt will continue.
    (How are you doing in lockdown? I hope you are coping well. It can be a very anxious time. Big hugs.)

  2. Cannot handle flannelette – I didn’t grow up with them, to start. I find the feeling the the pilling SO annoying (like… in boarding school, I’d stay over places that used them, and it’d drive me to distraction to have ‘bally’ sheets!). Never owned a set. The man has a set, they’ve not graced out bed since my arrival!

  3. I love flannel! We use it all winter so we can turn the heat way down at night and I love the cozy feeling. My best set is from LL Bean, made with Portuguese flannel – super soft and no pilling. We’ve used them for years and they still looks new.

  4. I used to love me a good flannel sheet set (Victoria, winter… say no more. I totally hear you on the flannel on the cheeks. Not a fan.) but along with the ladypause came the Overheating at night, and if there’s one thing I cannot abide is not being able to cool off properly when I’m sleeping (I am an absolute hell beast in summer.) So, I ditched the flannel sheets, and got a slightly warmer doona and one of the bazillion blankets I’ve crocheted. And despite that shop being long shut, I still only wear super light summer pjs!

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