Where have I been? What have I been up to?

Where have I been? Almost to Bathurst.

I left you at the start of August when I joined a friend’s family in the Tour de August. Our goal: to walk across the Blue Mountains to Bathurst. I walked more than 170km in August.

Of course I didn’t really cross the mountains. Stay at home orders meant I was walking in my own area. Luckily I live in an area with lots of bush. Everyday we logged our walk and the organiser mapped us on the road across the mountains.

Nearby rock face.

Turns out I’m a tad competitive. I walked and walked. And then walked some more. I found walks that didn’t involve many hills, so my energy would be expended in miles rather than gaining elevation.

Come the awards night, I won the Most Competitive Award. Apt but slightly embarrassing.

When The Tour de August finished, I lost the drive to walk everyday. Probably I’m just over doing the same walks, bush or no bush. Still, I have been stepping out. Somewhat. I do rise to having little challenges.

As well as walking, during lockdown, I’ve continued my never ending decluttering. Mr S calls it my new religion, as I practice it everyday. I call my challenge in this area Creating Space. A new spare room created where the boys’ junk was stacked, higgledy-piggedly. A study from the room where I had loads of paper from decades and Mr S piled up other stuff, including clothes and multiple pedestal fans and nanna shopping trolleys and stuff.

The study has proved very useful. For ten weeks of the term, my eldest moved home; as he was working from home and as we have more space, he would be less claustrophobic. That’s Teacher 1. Mr S was also working from home three days a week. That’s Teacher 2. The Dreamer was also doing his practicum from home, five days a week for six or seven weeks of the term. That’s Teacher 3. (The youngest moved home from his harbourside flat at the start of the term as he knew he’d not be able to earn money while doing his prac.)

I was working from home two days a week, with daily zoom meetings and phone calls. Mr S and oldest son are very loud (and as I’m known for being a loud speaker, that is saying something.) Working onsite was a relief.

Lockdown, originally meant to go for four weeks, went for the whole term. It was lovely having both boys here, but also a relief when the oldest moved back to his flat for the holidays. Not sure if he’ll return when term resumes but this week. Younger boy is not as messy or smelly as older boy.

In Creating Space, I have also been creating space in cupboards. You know that just because there’s space on a shelf, you don’t have to fill it?

By no means am I minimalist. And I still have clutter and hot spots. Still getting at least one thing out a day has kept me on track.

I’ve been following Diane in Denmark on Instagram and YouTube – she’s a FlyLady coach and Hygge & routine coach. And the Netflix show, The Home Edit, has given me ideas.

Seems I have converted Mr S to my religion. Amazed? Shocked? I am too. This week is our council cleanup and Mr S has released a huge quantity of stuff he’s stored under the house, “just in case” and for “maybe I’ll use it” and for “you never know” and “I like this” and “it’s my stuff” and “it’s still good”. Mostly it is “Im not ready to let it go yet”. But he’s letting it go!!!

I’ve also been gardening and reading. (And that thing that gets in the way of my life – work. But let’s not think of that.) Reading is part of my decluttering. I read to declutter. Clever hey? Read a book and then pass it on.

5 thoughts on “Where have I been? What have I been up to?

  1. Nice to “see” you back. Much as we may have cursed (a little) trying to out best our personal bests (not to mention some people also trying to overtake other people) the Tour de August certainly kept us active. If only I could stop eating biscuits, the evidence of all that walking would be there.

  2. Well done on the award – that is a lot of walking. We did a lot on holiday but then nothing once back at home other than an occasional one to the village and back. I am hoping gardening equates to a lot of walking fitness wise as we do a lot here at the cottage.
    The endless declutter – I don’t think my gran ever did any but when she and grandad died they had very little to sort through – they just did not have the means to shop or go shopping very often – in fact my grandad never went to a shop my gran bought all his clothes and even shoes for him! They spent their last years well into their 80’s out in Derbyshire at a caravan with no running water or bathroom (had to use the site toilet block facilities) and only one electric socket. No TV either.
    They just bathed in the simple life and chatted with the other van neighbours and had daily walks to the village for a bit of food (no fridge either). They had no need to declutter and it makes me very aware I buy far to much through temptation and I really don’t need all this stuff.

    • Wow. The story of your grandparents is worthy of a longer telling. Such a different way of choosing to live. Lots of people here downsize to live in mobile homes but the weather is warmer. And the mobile homes come with all the mod cons.

      There have been days, this month, that I haven’t walked. Like you I counted gardening. All the to and froing and squatting and pulling and lifting. That’s enough!

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