Ranty Tuesday: people who sleep well – grrr

In particular, Mr S.

When Mr S puts his head on the pillow, he falls asleep instantly.

Not in 10 minutes.


If I wake him to tell him a story, which I do without remorse and do frequently – look, it’s not my fault, he goes to bed early so I have to wake him to tell him something that I’ve just remembered about someone or something that happened or a news item that’s just come on the tele. Anyway, I wake him, tell him the story and when he shuts his eyes, he goes instantly back to sleep. Instantly.

(Hence, my lack of remorse at waking him to tell him stories. It’s not going to disturb him. Even if I do if two times. Three is probably pushing my luck.)

When I wake him up because, say I’m flapping around because say there’s a moth or two dive bombing me, Mr S is all cross and snarly. “Stop flapping about!!!” But within minutes, nay seconds, of me stopping my flapping and fidgetting and flicking the sheets (to see if the moth is under the sheets), he’s back asleep. Hardly worth snarling at me, now is it?

When Mr S has an afternoon nap, he falls asleep – you know already – instantly.

When he wakes up, he has to tell me, “I must have needed that nap, I fell asleep instantly.” He tells me this EVERY time Like it’s something novel.

“No, you always fall asleep instantly. ALWAYS!!!”

If he gets up during the night, which he routinely does, he’s a man who drinks lots of glasses of water just before bed, ‘nuff said, or he remembers jobs like putting out the rubbish or writing himself a note so he doesn’t forget something for work. Anyway, he gets up, does whatever needs doing, slams himself back into bed (waking me up) and instantly falls back asleep.

You know what I’m not doing? Sleeping. Cause after I finally fell asleep, he woke me by slamming into the bed like a bear.

Are you an “eyes shut, fall asleep” kind of person? Or a “where are you sleep” kind of person? Me, if I miss the moment I feel like falling asleep, because I have to do something so mentally engaging like brush my teeth, then it’s too late. Missed the boat. Have to hang around waiting for it to dock again. Which could be hours away.

12 thoughts on “Ranty Tuesday: people who sleep well – grrr

  1. You have just described Brett’s and my sleep patterns. He puts his head down and is asleep instantly. I credit this ability to years of having to sleep on an aircraft carrier and having big, heavy, loud aircraft landing over him all night and die. You either learn to sleep or fall apart. He is also not affected by caffeine, whereas even decaf has been known to keep me awake for hours. These days I need earplugs and a sleep mask to fall asleep (pitch dark and perfectly quiet), but even those fail me at times and I’ve left to toss and turn for hours. I rant with you!

    • Maybe it’s a woman thing? Hormones maybe!

      I can nap or fall asleep with noise and lights on. And I have been known to sleep through massive noises – ambulance and police came once, I missed the whole drama. But I think it’s when I tel myself I have to “go to sleep”, my mind starts racing.

      • I have always been a light sleeper, but the earplugs and sleep mask have made a huge difference in the quality of sleep I get. Usually I go right off to sleep when I put them in/on, but not always. I’ve learned not to fight the racing mind, etc. – just go with it and I get tired faster than I thought.

  2. Having just had a really bad night’s sleep – I can relate in many ways. I must have pristine conditions and routine – no light, no sound. Never sleep well on holidays or when not in my own bed. Read for a little before going to bed (at a similar time if I can). If I go out at night – forget it, I’m too stimulated to sleep for hours afterwards.
    Last night the roadworks kms away stopped me falling asleep, followed by the dog wanting to go outside after I’d just fallen asleep and the an early morning wake as my son left for work.
    I’ve always been a light sleeper even pre children but assume women are more biologically skewed this way so they are able to breastfeed through the night.

    • I can hear when the tunnel is having road works!!! The tunnel!!!!

      But yeah, you beat me in the noise disturbance. It’s not noise that keeps me awake. It’s internal brain chatter.

  3. Oh I hear you! If I get to sleep I am okay ~ and I am trying to be better at creating regular night habits. If I don’t drop off reasonably quickly I am awake until 2:30/3:30/later, usually watching cooking shows on SBS. And one thing that will keep me awake is the Fella’s snoring!!!

  4. I fall asleep well and quickly as long as I don’t start thinking. If I think about any kind of problem then I am doomed and it could be an all nighter being awake whilst DH quietly snores beside me. Staying asleep is a whole other nightmare as often I need the bathroom at about 4am and then it is hard to get back to sleep again.

  5. I would also strongly dislike, nah hate, your husband!!

    I’m better at knowing my cycles, so get to sleep relatively OK provided I don’t over nap. Reading helps, as does a routine. But don’t you DARE wake me – mr foot stomper. Which puzzles me – he wakes me (I go use the bathroom) then wants to snuggle (cannot sleep with someone touching me)… Then I privately dislike this man when he’s awake, woken me, and I want to be asleep and he wants to be cuddly. Inverse – I wake early, and the BEST part of his day is my snuggles or even just a goodbye kiss – even in his sleepy stupor. I didn’t do it today (distracted by what I needed for the gym, no time etc etc). He was worried I was angry – I was not!

    Anyhow… I’ve got your back on this one!

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