Enough about you, let’s talk about me

A pillar of society, I enjoy ranting, reading and blithering, and a glass or two of bubbles. Did someone say it was cocktail hour?

Part-time domestic goddess, full-time worker at the chalkface, mother, wife; multi-tasking becomes me: talking, watching TV and surfing the ‘Net on my iPad. (Gotta luff the iPad!)

Love day dreaming, reading real books, fashion and food. I try to make time to catch up with friends but fail miserably.



5 thoughts on “Enough about you, let’s talk about me

  1. I could not find a “contact me” button, so here I am, in your comments section. I have not seen the piece as it ran in the paper today, so if you have a camera phone handy, take a photo for me! You were my first fan letter from down under, and I can’t thank you enough. The response to this piece has been incredible, and I am banging away on a book on the same topic right now, so thanks. Your email was just the boost I needed here in the snow and cold of New Hampshire. My email, in case you have a scanner or phone, is millyard@tpk.net. Thanks again, Jess Lahey.

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