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Madeover May Miscarriage

Yeah, by no definition, however liberal, can I be seen to have been healthy this month.

Bad food, lots of chocolate and alcohol. Poor sleep patterns. Not enough exercise.

Those dastardly scales tell the tale of my Misfire May!

Better luck next month!

Cheers to that, I say.

And on the subject of cheers, let me share my latest find: a lovely, drinkable drop from France.


And what do you spy in the background? Yes, the Aldi catalogue that Mr Sans peruses for the zillionth time while knippering on nuts, prior to dinner. (Oh, how I hate schmutching and knippering. The k is not silent! I don’t know if this is just in my family, and is a corruption of German, but schmutching is munching and other sounds of eating like sucking in, and knippering is the cracking sound. Drives me mad! Though Mr Sans would say everything drives me mad.)

Half-made May

Half way through the month and half made over?

All I can say is, No!

I stood on the scales, well, just because. But I knew it wouldn’t be pretty.

Yes, I’ve been having a healthy breakfast (porridge) and going for walks.

But the eating front. Well, look at some of yesterday’s consumption.


Not this many. Four of them, I think. Mindful eating, not.

And these:


Homemade meringues. So soft and crunchy. Dissolve in your mouth. How many? Lost count.

And two of these:


The day before I ate half a sausage roll and a small piece of chocolate cake.

Oh, and everyday I’ve eaten too much chocolate. Much too much.

So any guesses which way the scales went?

Haven’t I been chatty?

An entry every day. Have you noticed that?

I lost my mojo for a couple of months. Even though I enjoy writing, I just had no inclination to write. I was doing some of my journey to gorgeousness, healthy and organised living things just not sharing them with you, my lovelies.

Blithering about domestic minutiae and my ongoing attempts to be healthy and gorgeous and organised, is like a bellwether of my mojo and keeps me on track, well sort of, in being healthy.

So I set a goal: an entry a day for the month of May. I think I will be better at this makeover than my weight loss and healthy eating makeover. Sadly.

But on other things are you a mother, or like a mother, to someone? Well, hope you had a happy mothers’ day.

Here’s one of my Mother’s Day gifts:


Isn’t this cheering?


The colour!

The plumpness!

The evident juiciness!

The sweetness!

Nothing like a burst of mandarin in winter.

I luff, luff, luff mandarins when the season starts. And have had enough when the season ends.

What fruit do you enjoy as a seasonal fruit and never buy as imported from another hemisphere? And what fruit do you find cheering, especially in the colds of winter?

Made-over May

A week into Makeover May! And am I made over?

Well (and don’t you just know that when someone starts with “well”, you may as well just skip to the rationalisations), sort of.

I have resumed porridge for weekday mornings. So tick on that front.

I haven’t eaten biscuits. Goody, another tick.

No alcohol on Thursday 1st and Tuesday 6th. Look at all those tricks lining up!

Done quite a bit of walking. Can you believe how virtuous I am?

And I have remembered to eat nuts and fruit everyday. Are you getting bored already?

Well, stop asking, “But what about the chocolate?” We don’t talk about that in our family.

OK, I’ve eaten chocolate. Not the big bunny. But a middle-sized egg and a very small-sized egg or two.

And one evening, when enjoying too many glasses of red, I opened some strange snacky things that Mr Sans bought. Not actually nice, but goodly crunchy in a very crunchy-that-goes-with-alcohol manner.

And, hanging my head in shame, I haven’t resumed my oh so boring strengthening exercises. I know they are better for me than just walking, but I enjoy going for my walk. It is never boring – time to relax and think. But I don’t have time to do both.

So there you have it. Not quite made over yet.

Oh, and my weight? The same. But I don’t feel so bloated.