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Half way through 2013, the year of lean

At the end of every month, I reflect on how I am doing with The Great Wardrobe Diet. But as we are half way through the year I thought it is appropriate to reflect on my goals for the year.

Let’s start with the positive. Great success with The Great Wardrobe Diet.

This month I have only bought one pair of shoes – necessary for work as I have had severe back pain for 8 weeks and as all my work shoes have high heels I needed a pair with a low heel. And I bought a couple of bracelets – cheap, costume jewellery which I do feel kind of guilty about because who knows in what conditions these were manufactured. But not too bad for 6 months.

I have continued to decluttered my wardrobe, shop my wardrobe and re-imagine old items into new outfits.

Which brings us to the next success.


I planned to declutter one thing a day, in the manner of Colleen. And I have been doing this. Well, sometimes I do a few day’s or even a week’s worth at one go, as my job is very time consuming. I am pleased to say that my wardrobe is looking less disorganised and my junk room is nearly at the stage that it can’t be called a junk room.

What I have been less successful is in photographing my daily declutter and posting a reflection on my blog about the item. I had planned to reflect on why I purchased the item or why I kept it; in the aim of addressing and changing patterns of behaviour that had resulted in so much stuff. Dare I say rubbish?

However, I am happy about how I have changed my attitudes towards shopping. Fewer items are coming into my house, than are leaving. I no longer see shopping as a pastime. When I do need a specific item, such as the shoes I bought, I don’t accept near enough. If they don’t have what I want/need, I don’t buy anything. There have been some clothing items I initially think I wouldn’t mind, but then I think about the items I have that are quite similar, even the same, and hardly worn. And, just quietly, I have become a bit of a Scrooge. Charging those prices! They must be mad! There are better things I want to spend my money on than more stuff to add to cluttered wardrobes and rooms.

Ahhh! Now to the not successful resolutions. As well as a leaner house, I wanted a leaner me. I had been working so hard on my fitness but a bad back for 8 weeks has resulted in little, really no, exercise. 70 kilos was my last weigh in. Argh! Haven’t seen that since pregnancy many, many years ago.

Now, lest my next weigh in seem I have been making inroads, let me tell you I have been ill for a few days. Vomiting, not eating have made a dent in my weight, not hard work or self-control.

I had also vowed to be a no-food-waste house. This is really one of the so-so achievements. We are much better than most households and better than we have been in previous years but we could be more committed.

Another resolution was to use one of my digital cameras. Well, I haven’t touched them. No, that’s not true. I have moved them when I needed to dust.

And the big secret continues to be that which I ignore.

Let me tell you after the first few years it becomes easier. I know I will feel so much relief and so much lighter when I get it done. Soon, soon, I say. And another tax year rolls on by.

Well, there it is. Not totally good, not totally bad. It is what it is. A year half done and some goals achieved, some habits reformed, some areas leaner, some areas not. Still, I will be Pollyanna, there’s 6 months to go. Plenty of time left.