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Look, I said I’d do it so you don’t have to nag every year

So I said I would do it this year.

And this is where I am up to:

  • Collected receipts from around the house. Dang, I hid stored them in some interesting places!
  • Sorted receipts into year groups.
  • 20131017-113309.jpg

  • Shredded paperwork and bills that are not needed.
  • 20131017-113210.jpg

  • Set up a station in a handy place for the next year’s tax.


    And now I feel a wave of procrastination coming on.

    No, Lucinda, fight it!

  • No I don’t.

    That is my usual reply when people ask me if I feel worried.

    What about?

    That I haven’t done my tax in a number of years.

    OK, I do kinda feel a bit worried. But I just switch it off. And I switch off tax agent ads on the tele. And change the topic when my husband asks how we are going in getting it done.

    A wonderful example of burying my head in the sand. And as the years add up, I become more and more ostrich like.

    It’s just that as the years go on, the work becomes more involved.

    But it is like a remembrall from Harry Potter. I am just waiting for it to explode.


    So I have a new challenge. To get my tax done in the next four weeks. It has been one of my goals for this year. So off I go!

    First step to lift the weight off my shoulders: today I will collect all the receipts from around the house.


    I knew it would be painful

    I knew doing my tax would be painful. It is so tedious. But I didn’t know it would be physically painful.

    I have put my back out sitting for hours on the floor sorting out all the statements and receipts into years. The pain was such that although I was determined to sort through another box of paper, I had to stop.

    Oh the pain, the pain. (Loved Dr Smith)

    Only a heat pad and a glass of red wine is helping. Which is probably what Dr Smith would have prescribed.

    Today’s healthy me = no exercise, see back pain. Drank one litre (of water, not wine). 2 serves of fruit (and I am not counting the grapes in the wine).

    Today’s purchases/expenses = no purchases. $5,000 on mortgage (over $1,000 over minimum payment)

    Today’s decluttered items = more paperwork. This time shredded. This is not yesterday’s items shredded. It is MORE. How on earth have I kept so much paper work? And there were heaps of unopened envelopes. Was I hiding from something? Oh yes, reality.


    So what ya gunna do about it?

    Here’s my tax info:

    There’s accounts, unopened envelopes, receipts, bank statements mixed in with other random pieces of paper shit, like magazine articles cut out for future reading.

    I don’t know how I got into this mess. I just can’t believe how quickly the years have flown by! At work I am so in control. I run a large organisation. Not having done my tax is my dirty, not so little, secret. I wish there was no such thing as deductions and PAYE didn’t have to lodge returns. Just take less from us, and don’t make us have to keep all these receipts, do a return and claim money back. Anyhoo…

    Well, first step to a lean me in 2013: clear my tax.

    I spent two hours sorting papers in this pile into financial years and putting them into manila envelopes. I will finish this tomorrow. I won’t take a photo as the work actually looks messier, but order is working its way through the mayhem.

    Today’s healthy me = 40 minute walk, drank litre of water, no chocolate, 3 servings of fruit.

    Today’s purchases/expenses = $2 for ice-cream for son.

    Today’s decluttered items = paperwork to be shredded.



    I have a dark secret.

    It is almost too shameful to admit. For a few years it was slightly funny. A bit of an eccentric quirk. Now it downright scary. And why can I. Not. Just. Do. It?

    Procrastinating queen empress.

    How can I consider my journey to organised living really underway without tackling this?

    If I say it quickly and quietly it may not sound so bad? I know, I’ll use images:



    So this month I will tackle this. Begone, dark secret. Begone, heavy weight. Roll on, organised and gorgeous life.