Blind date like

Waiting to be picked up for my blind date, I was giddy as a teenager; looking out the front door to check if my date had arrived yet, looking at the phone for any messages, checking my makeup so it would be not too much and not too little but just right.

It wasn’t my first blind date. That happened a few months ago when I met up with fellow blogger,  Fiona from Melbourne. 

Still the first time meeting another blogger IN REAL LIFE, I was nervous, excited and all whirly. Would she like me? Would we find anything to talk about? Would the warmth between us online continue IRL?

It was wonderful from the start. And that’s not just my opinion. If I am ever feeling down I just need pop over to Jo’s entry on the date and I will feel instantly better. 

But petite? Really Jo? There comes a point when compliments go too far and are no longer believed. I think petite takes it that step too far. Still, how lovely is “maple leaves in autumn”? And it was easy to talk wih your beautiful offspring, Jo? 

But OMG, she is young and young-looking, and beautiful with shining eyes and mellifluous locks. As you will see in her post I’ve linked above. And so much for her not liking shopping – she had on a lovely dress, sandals and toes nails painted to match her sandals. 

And her house!!!! Gorgeous. Perfect. All the decorations and renovations done to such a high standard and with such obvious care and high workmanship. 

Is there anything more Blueday Jo than this sideboard setting? Lemons from her tree, her own oregano drying, a book and a plant. Simple. Natural. Artistic. Homely yet elegant. 


Not only was the house gorgeous but like the sideboard above, everything was clean and tidy and dust-free. Jo will protest. But a pile of Lego and a few birds seeds under the bird cage doesn’t make for mess. 

The view! Perfect for reading and daydreaming.


I got to sit under the pear tree, drinking tea, eating homebaked bikkies and homegrown blackberries. I love reading about Jo’s escapes under her pear tree. The only thing that could have made the afternoon better would have been if we could sit in companionable silence, reading our own books. Well, silent except for sharing bits that are so much better for the sharing. 

This is not THE pear tree but another one of her multitude of fruit trees. 

It was all so lovely. Only fear of overstaying my welcome and thoughts of Mr S waiting alone in our holiday accommodation, had me make moves to leave. 


8 thoughts on “Blind date like

  1. You are just so lovely, please come and live in Tasmania, preferably quite close to me:) Didn’t we have the nicest time?

    Just so you know – Dress – 5 years old at least, from Target. Sandals – hand-me-downs from Rosy, whose feet obligingly grew two sizes bigger than mine. Toenails – painted by Posy, who did indeed choose from among her fifty nail polishes to match my only pair of coloured sandals (pink, for the record). Need her to redo them, now I come to think of it..

  2. That is fantastic that you both met up and hit it off! It’s funny but after meeting you, Lucinda, I find the blogging a bit more distant now. Annoying that we are too far away to catch up for a coffee or a quick lunch! Hope you had a great trip in beautiful Tasmania.

    • Tassie is gorgeous. As you know. And I agree. Chatting would be so much easier than blogging. See what happens when we forget to blog or forget to blog about things – it’s like an episode of Will and Grace when he gives up cheese and she didn’t know. Friends have to know the minutiae. Shhh, but I think I’m cutting alcohol down and I am doing a Uni experiment on exercise. I know! So much to catch up on.

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