November catch-up

It’s been a wet couple of weeks to end November.

Last weekend, we went for a bush walk, in the rain.

It was lovely being alone on the track. Just Mr and me. We only passed two other couples. Things looks, sound and smell differently in the rain. Some tree trunks are orange and red. The rain muffles all other sounds, except the creek which has turned into a ragging torrent.

Half way through, I realised my Gortex jacket no longer kept the rain out. Well, it is over 20 years old and the rain was relentless. All good until….

Taking off my hiking boots on our front porch, I spied a leech!!! Three exclamation marks are not enough to convey the full horror. I squealed and panicked. “Get it off me!” Then I saw a second one on my pants. More panic. Luckily I had exercise tights on from my morning BodyBalance class. The black slugs couldn’t get under them and were thwarted by the tights from getting higher.

Except the one outside my tights and trying to suck me through the tights. I had Mr S hold the pants away from my leg while I took off my boots and then rolled off the pants.

Three suck marks showed the place where is given leeches a good feed. And they didn’t stop bleeding for hours! Mr S had the evidence of one – high on his thigh a tiny bite mark that also wouldn’t stop bleeding.

After the trauma I needed a long soak in a hot bath with several glasses of restorative bubbles.

I went back to the front porch to see if my clothing was leech free and could be brought in to wash. No leeches. Where do they go?

A few minutes later, in the kitchen, I spied one on my toe!!! How do they hide so well? And attach themselves so quickly? And move so noiselessly? Yes, I squealed again!!!

Yesterday I went to my favourite yoga class. I was a little hesitant as the gym is in a shopping centre. And it’s coming up to Christmas. And it’s the day after Black Friday (whatever that is and why on earth we have to adopt more commercialism). And it’s wet. What else are people going to do but hang out in shopping centres!

Yoga was lovely though I did prefer it when the class started at 9.30 as I was out before the crowds. Now it starts an hour later. Add to this, I popped into a shop to pick up the token Christmas gifts for our admin ladies. When I got to the carpark it was chaos. Very slow. Bumper to bumper.

And damnation. I ran into another car leaving the carpark. My fault but god the man was incredibly aggressive. I offered my drivers licence to photograph and he shouted, “I’ll do more than that!” as he paced around my car, shouting and gesticulating. There goes my zen state from yoga! But hey! No one was hurt and I have comprehension insurance.

Came home and restored myself with a pot of tea and the second book in the Thursday Murder Club. The Man Who Died Twice. I’m loving it.

Then walked up to the local Danish church Christmas market. No market due to COVID but you could preorder things, which I did. And you could have a Danish hotdog with the lot, which I also did. (Not sure if this sausage was a good example of Danish sausages but if so, Germans do better sausages.)

I follow Diane in Denmark on Instagram. She’s a Scot who’s been living in Copenhagen for 20 or so years. For a few months, I’ve been coveting her Danish mixing bowl. Looked for it in the shops. Only found it online. Reasonably priced. But the postage cost to Australia! $95 one place was going to charge.

Well, how lucky am I! The church was selling them. So I got two. I know I will love mixing cakes in them. And whipping cream. They have a rubber ring to stop the bowl slipping on the bench. Very clever.

What else did I get? A 40cm advent calendar candle and a Danish paper wreath in Danish colours.

Home for a nap, chats online to family and ending the night with the movie that marks the Christmas season for me: Love Actually.

Haven’t been decluttering much under the house. The rain has made that impractical and uncomfortable. (Though I have been decluttering around four things a day inside the house – slow and steady, trying to take out more than comes in.)

Haven’t really done any gardening. Though the garden is loving the rain. I sprinkled some blood and bone so the rain this week will soak its goodness into the soil. The flowers below have all come from cuttings from last year. I have had great luck with the hydrangeas! And such a variety from all the cuttings I have taken.

Today, the last Sunday of November, I have done several hours of work for work to do. And some potting and reading and walked up to a local bike shop to buy an e-bike for me for Christmas. Quite surprised at myself. But then I haven’t ridden it yet.

Three weeks left until My Adult Gap Year. From then you’ll find me blogging on my other site. I wonder if there’ll be a change of pace? Or a change of tone?

17 thoughts on “November catch-up

  1. I’m okay with lots of wildlife, but leeches?! NO! I recoiled from the screen reading this. Uck!

    Your Danish bowl does sound clever! I always end up hugging the bowl under one arm if it’s slipping around, haha.

    I’m excited for you two to have your gap year – enjoy!!

  2. The Victorians here used leeches as a remedy for everything! Hope your car is OK after said bump – sometimes the hassle of fixing things is worse than the collision. Looking forward to your gap year with you – I could do with a year off too!

  3. Must say I would have had the same reaction to the leeches. Yuck. Too bad you couldn’t have passed one on to the cretin in the parking lot. 🙂

    • That’s a thought. Keep some leeches to slip onto people who annoy me. They won’t hear them or feel anything. Until it is too late – when you feel the blood dribbling down your leg.

  4. Ooh not a fan of leeches and thankfully haven’t encountered many around here. The same pink hydrangea is in my garden, a gift from a neighbour who made me laugh by complimenting it on Saturday. Looking forward to missives from your gap year.

  5. OK, you almost lost me with the leeches, but I knew it had to get better. And it did (well except for the agitated man).

    I love my mixing bowls with the anti-skid rubber on the bottom. It makes a world of difference.

    If we don’t hear from you again, have a wonderful year off. Will be looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  6. D
    Where do the leeches live before they crawl on you? Do they only appear when it’s rainy and muddy? We have leeches in freshwater lakes but they only show up when the water gets warm (like jellyfish). I really don’t understand people who get aggressive when they are slighted, but I should remember the world is built for their convenience! I am looking forward to tales of your upcoming year, wherever you may be.

  7. Hello Lucinda
    This year (2022) is nearly over, just wondering how it’s gone for you. I didn’t have your other blog address so haven’t been able to read about it.
    Take care

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