Sorry I missed your birthday

One of my idiosyncrasies is I am always late sending birthday greetings. If at all. I think about the family member or friend’s birthday, often even buy the card or gift. Just don’t get around to posting on time, or at all.

A way to describe that with less spin is that I am careless and don’t think enough about others. Bad friend. Ow, that hurts.

Anyway, true to form I missed my blog’s birthday.


Originally this was an experiment in blogging. Just to see what was involved and if I could do it.

Then I thought I would use it as a journal about getting healthy and fit.

I set some goals:

1. Don’t fall asleep on the lounge.
2. Get ready for bed before relaxing on the lounge.
3. Get 7 hours sleep a night.

1. Walk 45 minutes four times a week.
2. Pilates once a week.
3. Strong Women routine twice a week.

1. Drink 1 litre of water a day.
2. Eat 3 serves of fruit a day.
3. Cut out white bread during week.
4. Limit processed, non-food food stuffs.

Treatments to protect my back
1. Osteopath twice a term.
2. Massage once a term.

Continuing to work on them. A lifetime of bad habits can’t be cured in a year, can they? Really, I wanted to return to my beautiful slimness. But even if I did, I know I can’t recapture the beauty of being young. Still, I am more conscious of needing to make healthy choices. Something I didn’t really does a younger me; taking for granted my health, my consistent slim body and my strength.

While I’m not leaner, my house is definitely leaner. All that tossing and sorting.

And I have learnt that online friends can be just as supportive, funny, warm and plain good fun as IRL friends. That’s been a big change of thinking for me. (“Get out and see your real friends,” I used to think. Well, you can do that as well as talk with, and catch up on the doings, of e-friends.)


3 thoughts on “Sorry I missed your birthday

  1. Agree! The filing cabinet is a scary place here too but we have to keep stuff for tax for our business these days (read excuse).

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