No to November

I wasn’t as successful at No no no November as I was at Droptober. And with the busyness of work I haven’t been keeping up my exercise, nor have I been reading much. In fact, I can’t believe it is already December as I can’t think what I’ve even done let alone achieved in November.

I did my regular walk yesterday and today. For a little bit I go through some bush, just along the edge of a regional park but still I love the access to the trees, birdsong and creek. And today, how amazing is this? I saw an echidna. He/she was snuffling along the dirt next to the concrete path I walk on. His little snout was swinging across the ground like a metal detector, and when he hit pay dirt, he stuck it in. He didn’t mind at all that I was there. I stopped for a while, watching him, as he made his way to a little rock and wiggled half under it. A bike rode by and he stood still for a moment. It is lovely to have wildlife in the suburbs. (Except the possums who live in my roof. They I can do without.)

My one had a slightly longer snout than this one, but the colouring was the same.


While I haven’t been regular with my exercise, i have been planking. And I didn’t want to write this earlier in the post, lest I be seen as a braggart. But Jo, I did three lots of 60 second planks. (I don’t know if you realise how much effort it takes not to brag about this earlier?)

My decluttering hasn’t been consistent either. Well, definitely not consistently recorded which makes me even more impressed with Colleen’s efforts over at 364 Less Things. I have been sorting things and donating or disposing in a half arsed sort of way. As usual, Mr Sans has tried to rescue some of my binned items. Not because he ever uses them. One thing was actually broken and rendered useful, beyond repair.On that particular item he conceded but decluttering is not something easily undertaken here in daylight hours by me!

The item on the left went in the bin and out and finally in:


The salad servers are being donated. They look a lovely design, fitting in together as they do. But when you separate them, one has a big hole, well how else would they if together. So how can you pick up salad that just falls through the hole? Maybe someone who only has lettuce in their salad may like it?

And this nightie is headed for the rag bag. I feel like a resident of a home for delinquent girls in this, it is so baggy. Also it has such big gaps around the arms that when it is cool enough to wear it for its length, it is too cold up top and my back cramps up. When it is cool enough for the top… Yeah, I don’t need to labour the point. Also, I spilt bleach on it so it has ugly marks. While this adds to the costume for a reform home, it does little for my sense of self.


And so leaves another item from my wardrobe, not to be replaced. I love that all my clothes fit into my designated storage. Don’t think I haven’t thought about buying clothes. But my thoughts of purchases are much more restrained than last year. Not from a point of deprivation, but I don’t want for many things. More on this later.

7 thoughts on “No to November

  1. My suburb is too citified so I only see squirrels. Echidnas look so cute! I think you made some good choices on the decluttering. I had only a vague sense of what planking was so I looked it up; I can’t imagine doing it for more than 3 seconds so bravo to you!

    • I’ve been building up the time for planks. I didn’t think I could make a minute – it is a bit of mind over body as well as strengthening your muscles.

      And yes, echidnas are cute. And so amazing. Mammals who lay eggs and put the egg in their pouch (they’re marsupials) which faces backwards. The egg hatches in there and then the baby (which is called a puggle – how cute is that?) stays there for a few months feeding on the milk. Alround amazing!

  2. I’ve never heard of an echidna! We have hedgehogs and porcupines, which look similar. And I think you can definitely brag about your planking! I last for about 10-15 seconds during yoga before I have to bring my knees down for a little rest.

    • Yes, Amanda, they are similar to hedgehogs and porcupines in look. It is worth googling echidnas – pretty unique animals. I wrote a brief description in reply to Dar’s comment. So if you’re ever playing trivia type games this is a good one. Not all mammals give birth to live babies. Two lay eggs! The echidna and the platypus.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real echidna either, and I don’t think my walks will take me past one! But I do see couples fighting, the street sweepers leaving, the Coles sign changing – a rebrand on it’s way?

    I should add planking to my goals for the month, but slow and steady – too much and I’ll fail at all. I like the exercise ideas, as it makes me think I can be a little freer on what I say yes to eating wise.

  4. Oh for cute! We also live on the edge of a regional park and sometimes see echidnas, they are lovely little creatures. Decluttering takes a long time; any progress is good progress. As for wondering where November went…do you work in a school? I am in a school as well and one word: reports!

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