Back in April I bought a heap of beauty products. One I was asked about was Lid-Care.

Mercester had never heard of it. And until a friend gave me a handful of sachets to try, neither had I.

In January I had a horrible skin reaction around my eyes. I looked horrid – puffy, inflamed, red, flakey eye-lids. My eyes stung. They were itchy. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t put make-up on because it hurt. Besides the pain and suffering, I was embarrassed.

What does everyone look at? Your face, your eyes. I was a mess. I looked like a disease-ridden, scabby, scaly, tenement-dwelling, ugly beast.

Nothing seemed to help, though a lotion for eczema did sooth the sting. Slowly the red and flakey skin largely healed. But not totally.

Enter my friend. Lid-care comes in a box with individual sachets. Each sachet contains a little wipe. The manufacturer recommends one sachet for each eye – every day. That would soon add up; though, if it worked, I’d be happy to pay. My friend recommend one sachet for both eyes, using one side of the wipe for one eye and the other side for the other eye.

They worked. Soothing, cleansing, no reoccurrence.

Dr Google diagnosed blepharitis. [OK, I diagnosed that. I had gone to a pharmacy in NZ and the pharmacist just diagnosed, “Oh, looks bad.”]

Now I use them several times a week. [OK, when I remember and give myself time of an evening.] I remove my make-up first and then wipe my lids with Lid-care, getting right along the eye lash line. Sometimes the frugal me rips a wipe in half and makes one last two nights. But that’s when I don’t have much make-up. Finally, I rinse my eye-lids with water and pat dry.

I strongly recommend this product; it’s a keeper for me. Keeps the eyes clean and free of grime.

Cost? I paid about $8 for a packet of 20. Given I am only using them occasionally, I’m fine with that.


5 thoughts on “Lid-care

  1. Ironically, as I was reading this in bed eating toast this morning, I got several toast crumbs in my eye.

    Have had swollen, bloodshot eye all day. Not cool!

    That’s a fabulous price for what sounds like a great product. Did you figure out what caused the reaction to begin with? It sounds like cosmetics if it is taking regular cleansers to stop it happening.

    • Not sure. It may have been cosmetics. At first I thought it was stress as I do get a rash-like thing across my eyebrows when I am stressed. But there were so many variables that I could have reacted to – staying at a house that had a dog and cat inside, new cosmetics, air travel. Blepharitis can comes from the bacteria on the skin getting out of control or from over-build up of yeast. So keeping the eyelids clean helps for those.

      Whatever, it was truly nasty. Truly! I’d make you inch away from me if you were standing in a supermarket queue. And worried about whatever items I touched.

      Thank God it cleared before I went back to work.

  2. I’ve never heard of Lid Care either. So happy to hear it works!

    I had a bee sting on my eyelid once and it swelled my eye nearly shut – so embarrassing, as you said. It was the first thing anyone asked about when they saw me and I just wanted to hide.

    • Ouch! A bee sting on your eyelid! How horrific!!!

      But at least you could say a bee stung me. I had to say I don’t know and just looked like a manky, disease-ridden thing of contagion.

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