Archive | August 23, 2015

Feeling lighter!

Part of me is getting that frisson of stirring life. The warmth of today is stirring in everything. 

I feel lighter. I have bare legs for the first time in months. 

Yay, you might say. 

But it is too damn hot, too damn early. 

It is meant to be winter still. 

People out in shorts, smiling, saying” “Isn’t the weather beautiful!”


A friend asks, “Don’t you just love the feeling of spring?”

No! Cause we have two weeks of spring and go straight into unbearably hot. Hot so you can’t go for a walk. Hot so everyone hibernates in airconditioning. Hot so my feet swell. 

It is too early for spring. If it is this hot this early, what will happen in summer. 

How hot? you ask. 

Ignore the promise of storms. At 6pm it was still clear and 26°. The storm was put off for another hour. At 7pm it was still 24° and the storm was put off for another hour. The hour that never comes. 

The rain finally hit at 3.50am. How can I be so precise?

Because I woke up because it was too damn hot. My bed wasn’t summer-ready. 

Damn it. I’m not summer ready. 

The yay-sayers may be shouting yay, but I’m sticking with the nay-sayers. 

Down with summer!