Wearing in or wearing out

Do you like how soft old cotton pyjamas get? 

When they’ve been washed many, many times. When the threads, the weft and warp, have loosened. When the elastic is shot. When the material is thin. 

It’s how I prefer my pyjamas. Except I usually wear old tshirts, track pants and shorts as night attire when they’ve passed their prime as indoor around-the-house wear, which comes after they’ve past the wearable-in-public stage. 

In my defence, it is not just a tight arse thing. I find it difficult to find pyjamas that are comfortable. I don’t like buttons, or frills, or hard seams. Anything that is going to rub or itch. I don’t like neck lines too high but in winter I have to have my neck and back covered so can’t stand wide open neck lines. I can’t stand tight waists. Slinky material leaves me feeling cold and staticky. I can’t have just any cotton. It has to be knitted, stretchy material not woven material which stays cold to the touch. 

So old clothes work best for me. The line between comfy and rag-like does become fuzzy. 

For pyjamas, I don’t see holes in knees or neck lines. I can ignore seams that slightly come apart in the crutch. But I have standards, damn it. 

When the elastic totally goes and pants fall as I walk, they go. When holes appear in the backside or the ones in the crutch are too big to be decent, the clothing goes. 

I just let go of a pair of shorts that have been doing duty as PJ shorts. They’ve had a long life and I’ve definitely had value for money. Too many holes in the bottom now.
I am sad. I know it will be many years before I find a similar pair of shorts and wear them into a comfy state. 

15 thoughts on “Wearing in or wearing out

  1. I hear you! I am just as fussy in the PJ department. My winter preference is flannelette pants but as my heating thermostat has recently changed (ie older woman easily overheating) I have adopted an old, cotton, very soft tshirt to mismatch the long pants. Slippers- currently a terry towelling number, as I don’t like any grit on my feet.
    Summer sleepwear must always be soft tshirty material. None of that hard iron-y cotton (albeit usually pretty) nonsense that masquerades as pyjamas. I agree – no buttons or high necks or seams in unnecessary places. Short nighties for parading around the house on sweltering summer nights.
    Winter again – always an old velour, fake mink type dressing gown (not sure what it is). Wrap around, too big. My kids were very perturbed when I updated to my current number after about 10 years. It didn’t feel, smell or look quite right.
    The all-in-one pressstud onesie (before they were a thing) was my biggest mistake. I’m not sure how I coped.

  2. I have a bunch of mismatched pyjama pieces and re-purposed T-shirts and tank tops. Like you, I usually only turf them when they have holes or broken elastic or they wear too thin. I have a couple of items that are soft, stretchy and have no tags, and could pass for cute. Also have the summer short nighties (for 2 months a year) and I have upgraded my robe this year, too!

  3. So recently I redid the elastic in my fave bedtime pants for winter. Would you believe it – I left them in the US by accident. So then I redid the elastic in the much older cotton thin summer weight bedtime pants. They’ll have to do.

    I don’t buy PJs cause I don’t wear them, by and large. In winter I’ll wear trackies and a jumper til bed, and in summer I wear short, light dresses (which aren’t outside friendly imo). Currently, I’m in ‘dance pants’ or yoga pants which I bought for $5 in about 2009! They are doing well. And are full length, unlike summer weight bedtime pants.

  4. I can’t even remember a time I last bought PJs. I’m so the same. I love my holey, comfy, old t-shirty, whatever PJs. The softness is unbeatable. Ha! The line between comfy and rag-like. Exactly! Glad everyone else is similar.

    When we went to Europe in 2014, Mr D’s sibling was an airline cabin crew person. They gave us a pile of kangaroo-branded pjs! I’ve worn them nightly ever since. The *best* soft cotton and loose yet not totally sack-like. One pair now has reached the threadbare stage and won’t have long to go. I have to get more pairs; they are my version of Steve Job’s polo tops.

      • Thank you. I love your new look but comments closed? Or am I blind and just can’t see the button-y thing?

      • Oh. You’re the second who said that. Can you scroll past the bit about me and come to a comment field. Please try. If it doesn’t work, I will change theme. I love/need comments.

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      • Yes. Friend has just told me I need to ditch this theme. Not intuitive. She also says it is not my style. Probably right on both fronts. But it is the style is like to be.

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