I wear them for work. 

By stockings I mean tights. No straps and suspenders. But even without all that palaver and itchy, pokey things, I still find them uncomfortable. Some more than others. (BTW I use tights to mean the thick ones that are opaque and warmer.)


Not a Halloween decoration. My stockings/tights.

Anyway now we’ve got that cleared up, here’s the thing. I am not a fan of nylon on nylon. My skin cringes at the thought. Some stockings I can wear all day, no probs. but when I get home I have some had enough. And I can’t wait to rip the stockings off. Sometimes the nylon lining of a skirt against the stockings sends me barmy. And I struggle through the day.  Other stockings I feel the horrid sensation from the start. 

Last week I had one of those days. I couldn’t stand the feel of the particular stockings I had on. I was all non-ladylike and whipped them off in my second-in-charge’s office. 

The good thing about having a blog is (not that I get to reveal how strangely I behave) but I can keep a record of which ones not to buy again. 

Buying stockings is like buying wine. I forget the names of the ones I like or dislike and get the two mixed up and end up buying the ones I don’t like cause the name is familiar. So for the record here’s my reminder:

Do not buy Voodoo stockings again. Ever. 

I will keep this pair in my stocking drawer for emergencies. (How can I have a stocking emergency? With very white legs, in winter it looks wrong to have bare legs and it is an emergency when I find I have no stockings without ladders.)

Anyone else have strange touch hypersensitivity?

12 thoughts on “Stockings/Tights

  1. NO, but… I hate panyhose (tights) and stick to stockings of the modern stay up variety. Sometimes they awkwardly fall down, like Saturday night at Mum’s 60th, and I had to hoike one up walking from table to kitchen! Classy! And sometimes the stockings aren’t high enough hioked for short dress/skirt, and mother likes to point such concerns out. Sigh. Work is a pants only affair, so stockings only for nights out and church. Thankfully. Oh why stockings? HATE HATE HATE penguin effect of pantyhose. No idea how anyone handles the crotch fall-downed-nes

    • I don’t like the stay up variety. Not just because of the risk of slippage as you found but because I find they cut into the thigh. Too uncomfortable. To avoid the dropping crutch with pantyhose, I find you get the bigger size than you think you need. I think they’ve become smaller or we’ve become bigger.

      • Hahaha I should think myself lucky for no thigh cutoff pain and anguish.

        Bigger sizes – don’t they just slip down more. Nope, I’m converted to stay ups!

  2. Surprised to learn anyone in Australia wears stockings/pantihose or tights! The former had been out of fashion for at least 5 years and no one wore them, even at work – it was all bare legs with dresses. But now they have come back. And I am thankful because I cannot do bare legs at all! I do wear tights with skirts occasionally in the Fall/Winter. I hate the cost of hose or tights that snag after one wear, though!

    • Yeah, never out of fashion here. The fashion as to which pantyhose to wear changes. For a few years I wore micro-fishnets but I’m back to shear black. I never wear flesh tone. Too old lady. But thick opaque pantyhose/tights have always been in for winter. Turns a summer frock into a winter wearable item.

  3. Yes, I can’t stand the feel of stockings/tights/pantyhose! So I don’t wear them any more (my mom insisted til I was about 12). Bare legs in the summer, and I skip skirts/dresses in the winter in favor of pants.

    • A friend recommends bamboo ones. Yesterday I wore thick tights. Not bamboo but not nylon-y. No problem. Left them on all day. It’s the sheer ones that get me. Wish I wrote down the name of these comfortable pair. Problem is I can only wear them in cool/cold weather.

  4. This is such a pet peeve of mine right at the moment! I wear pantyhose because of (a) terrible heat and sweaty feet in summer or (b) pallid, deathly legs and cold in winter.

    At between $4 and $7 a pop it drives me stark raving mad when they snag after one wear. It’s not so much the feel of them but the cost that drives me bonkers.

    Yesterday, I spent $22 (!) to buy a single pair of black merino wool tights. I am hoping they’re more like leggings and won’t die after one use. And they better make my legs look slimmer at that price.

    But if they cause skirt bunching, static electricity, fibre magnetism, snares or have an uncomfortable fit I will have the greatest fit of pique ever! (I will report back, of course)

    • Agree! Cost per wear of sheer ones is not good.

      Yesterday I wore a thicker pair. No clinging. And the dress I wore them with is notorious for clinging to stockings. No itching. No static. No little pulls which are the for-runner of ladders. Paid about $20 too.

      Unfortunately I didn’t write down the name so can’t replicate the purchase next year. All I know is I bought them in DJs and bought them to take to the UK as they looked warm. Only wore them a couple of times there. And then forgot I had them until yesterday. Luckily I think they will last for next winter too. So cost per wear will be good. Don’t know what they are made of. Will wear them again today. And then wash them.

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