ONE easy thing you can do to help the environment right now

This post is inspired by Fiona’s posts on the environment. The idea is directly taken from the recent BBC David Attenborough documentary.

On the documentary, they give this step which will make a direct impact on the amount of green house gases you put out.

Happily, it will also save you money.

And you can do it without changing your lifestyle. No ashes and sack cloth.

One easy thing to do is use all the food you buy and cook.

OK, it may involve a little change of practice and a little planning.

When grocery shopping, I don’t put things in the trolley out of habit. Unfortunately Mr S doesn’t look in our fridge or cupboard for what we already have before he shops, so often buys stuff we already hav. While he plans our meals, he often over buys stuff, like tonnes more grapes than we can eat before they go off.

We do eat most of our leftovers – for lunch, if I’m lucky. With two grown male offspring, leftovers are often gone – as midnight snacks, breakfasts, afternoon snacks, after dinner suppers.

However, we do toss a bit. Food put in the fridge for later and then pushed to the back and forgotten. Fruit that goes off, especially once it is a little over-ripe, it gets left to fully go off. Cheese bought and not eaten. Veggies mouldering in the bottom of the fridge.

The Chaser’s War on Waste said the average Australian family throw away $3,500 of food every year.

Imagine if your share stayed in your pocket? That’s a good holiday!

And by not having food waste, you will make a contribution to the environment.

My new mini-challenge is to not throw out any food. Fruit tends to be my worst area.

Stay tuned for how I go in this challenge.

In the week since drafting this, I have thrown out some raspberries. They were off in the container in the fridge.

And an end of bread that had gone mouldy.

And some grapes. And some yoghurt that Dirty Boy put in a bowl to eat but then didn’t want to – he is very sick and hasn’t been eating. After he breathed on it, no way would I save the food.

The raspberries and grapes end up in our work farm. Still there was a lot of energy consumed in the product, processing, transportation and storage of these products.

16 thoughts on “ONE easy thing you can do to help the environment right now

  1. I’m picky about my grapes. I like them firm and crunchy. So I buy them perfect and if they aren’t eaten in a day or two I then put them in the freezer. Frozen grapes are lovely. They feel like a naughty snack, but are totally healthy.

    I also freeze bananas. There is only so much banana bread we can eat, and I know that once the bananas go past a certain point of sportiness no one in our house will eat them fresh. But they will eat them frozen. I peel them and slice them into discs. Once they are hard in the freezer they are eaten within hours.

      • Frozen bananas are also good for making smoothies. Just frozen bananas and a small amount of milk makes a healthy banana thickshake.

  2. I am with you on this post – food waste is such a big problem. I smiled at the few raspberries and the little crust of bread – I have had such small amounts left over and gone off before and then I think to myself why did I leave this it is such a tiny amount why did I not eat this up at the time. I now proces the ends of bread into breadcrumbs and freeze – but there would never be a crust left over as it is my favourite part and I eat them first!

      • Shame – I would use them – I throw them on top of broccoli and cauliflower bakes and in nut loaf so never have enough. I could make Bread and Butter pudding with the left overs but that requires a lot more time and effort and I know I wouldn’t always get one done – and there is a limit to how many B&B puddings you can eat!

  3. Ooh- I like this challenge! Have never really thought about it in terms of $$$$ thrown away. Definitely on board with that idea!

  4. I don’t have to look up food waste in the U.S. to know that it is staggering. I definitely like frozen grapes…sometime better than fresh since I rarely have any type of ice cream anymore so it makes a nice dessert. I try very hard not to overbuy fresh produce these days, but also get frustrated when I find that something I just purchased is already starting to spoil before a day has past, even when I think I did a good job of checking over items in pre-packed containers (often the only way one can purchase them in our supermarkets). Frustrating.

    • Fruit spoils here quickly cause it is so hot and humid. It is frustrating. Who has time to go every couple of days to buy fruit in smaller quantities!

      I hate the increasing wrapping of fruit in plastic containers or plastic. I get it for berries – they are too soft for people to pick. Green grocery shops are better than supermarkets in using less plastic here.

  5. After just throwing out what I suspect was about $100 worth of meat, I totally hear you! When I did the pantry clean out, I chucked one and a half bins full of opened and past it stuff. Then I made us live on the contents of the fridge and freezer for a week – nobody starved and we actually finished things!

    One of the reasons I stopped going to the Aldi as often was that their stuff is cheaper, but comes in bigger containers, so I was endlessly throwing out 1/3 tub of sour cream and 1/2 a bottle of cream and the endy bit of a block of cheese because no bastard can wrap it properly, and that sort of thing. I still throw out bits and ends, but because the original was smaller, it doesn’t seem as bad.

    • $100!!! I could buy a few nice bottles of sparkling for that!

      Cheese is a pain. It dries out so quickly. I think cling wrap is the only thing that works. But yes, smaller quantities are the way to go.

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