A post in which Lucinda discovers fortified wine and gets Mr S to throw something away

After bringing up the alcohol yesterday from The Yucky Place, today I decided to check out the price of all the bottles, and see if anything was worth trying.

One bottle was Liqueur Muscat, what we used to call Port in Australia, except, like we can’t use Champagne anymore for sparkling wine, we can’t say port. A little research found out some very interesting things, like liqueur muscat is unique to Australia. Up until the 1950s, Australians didn’t drink wine, only fortified wine. Luckily, post-war migrants introduced us to table wine, as it was called to separate it from fortified wine.

Liqueur muscat is a dessert drink – very sweet and very strong. Over 17% alcohol. Not for quaffing; more for sipping.

So in the tradition of a Sunday pre-dinner drink, I had a tipple with Mr S.

Mmm, sweet, like medicine used to be but without the yuck of medicine, slightly coffee, caramel, and what is that? That taste I can’t identify?


So I like it? Yes-ish. Like sultanas, which I can eat occasionally and which sometimes I just want, but then while eating am not sure I like what I’m eating. Definitely small glass drinking. And only one small glass.

While sipping, I got Mr S to agree to throw out his pool towel. It’s torn and full of holes and worn through everywhere. Can I bin it? Yes, but I thought you were going to use it to cover the worms. I don’t think it is full cotton, look how it is wearing with the weft and weave still intact, cotton doesn’t do that. It is meant to be 100% cotton. Yes, but look. Yes, very strange. So can I bin it and give you a replacement? Yes, ok.

And out from the linen press comes a very old and worn towel. Ah, an old favourite, says Mr S.

One less thing in the linen press. Towels seem to breed in our house.

15 thoughts on “A post in which Lucinda discovers fortified wine and gets Mr S to throw something away

  1. Wait – what?! No table wine in the 50s? Really?! That’s astounding.

    It sounds ok. I’m not a real fan of fortified wines, except the Sauternes that I bought in France (at only 15 euros. Costs a bomb here.)

    So satisfying to clear something out of the linen cupboard! Mr Sans might be coming on board!

    • Not a fan either. Especially cause I’m a gulper not a sipper. This one was good but I wouldn’t buy another bottle. There was a bottle of tawny “port”. I think I won’t like that. But we will see.

  2. I tried port for the first time last year and quite liked it – one of those sippy things like cognac (which I don’t drink).

    Well done for coaxing the old towel away from Mr. Sans!

  3. Yes! For one item thrown out.
    My DH, who has no less than 75 t-shirts (I stopped counting at 75, there were plenty more…), came back from a car event yesterday with–you guessed it–another t-shirt. I told him to pull 10 old t-shirts out of his stash to send to a charity. That is my requirement: for every new t-shirt he buys, 10 old ones must go.The whinging has commenced. Wish me luck. Some of those suckers date back to the early 80s…and no longer fit. Sigh.

      • Well, not so strict if one considers that I have had to give up several drawers for my own clothing to accommodate his pile of shirts. The good news (sort of) is that he did take the 10 t-shirts out of the drawers…and moved them to the garage to be used for cleaning rags. So not completely out of the house. But it also gives you an idea how many of his shirts would never, ever be worn again.

  4. I sorted our towels last year when DH made my airing cupboard after the old hot water cylinder was removed. A fairly small space so no room for hoarding any towels in there – we just have what we use plus a change or two plus a couple of extras for guests…and nothing holey!

    • We have bath towels and beach towels. Lots of beach towels for around the pool. And we have only a small space to store them. Mr S often gets chlorine on the towel he uses around the pool, hence the holes.

      • I don’t think I possess any beach towels now – I did once when we had seaside holidays with the girls at the coast and in France but the beach at the cottage, although lovely, we never sit on it only walk along it and never seem to go anywhere that has a pool. I would borrow my daughter’s beach towels should we need any – that way I don’t have to store them! I didn’t know chlorine could put holes in your towels – I know it can affect the functioning of your Thyroid gland along with flouride – hence why I don’t go swimming anymore – not that I have a Thyroid gland anymore to worry about protecting now!!

  5. Well I think you now know the secret. Load up Mr S with muscat and…bingo – he is more willing to “let it go.”
    Might I add – I loved the title of this post. As you no doubt guessed I would.

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