Made-over May

A week into Makeover May! And am I made over?

Well (and don’t you just know that when someone starts with “well”, you may as well just skip to the rationalisations), sort of.

I have resumed porridge for weekday mornings. So tick on that front.

I haven’t eaten biscuits. Goody, another tick.

No alcohol on Thursday 1st and Tuesday 6th. Look at all those tricks lining up!

Done quite a bit of walking. Can you believe how virtuous I am?

And I have remembered to eat nuts and fruit everyday. Are you getting bored already?

Well, stop asking, “But what about the chocolate?” We don’t talk about that in our family.

OK, I’ve eaten chocolate. Not the big bunny. But a middle-sized egg and a very small-sized egg or two.

And one evening, when enjoying too many glasses of red, I opened some strange snacky things that Mr Sans bought. Not actually nice, but goodly crunchy in a very crunchy-that-goes-with-alcohol manner.

And, hanging my head in shame, I haven’t resumed my oh so boring strengthening exercises. I know they are better for me than just walking, but I enjoy going for my walk. It is never boring – time to relax and think. But I don’t have time to do both.

So there you have it. Not quite made over yet.

Oh, and my weight? The same. But I don’t feel so bloated.

13 thoughts on “Made-over May

  1. Alas, my weigh in was identical, which is better than upwards, after wine and cheese on Sunday, and stuffing myself on Friday night. And chocoholics anonymous yesterday…

    I’m adding all these walks to and from stations each day, on top of planned ‘exercise’ Monday (twice!) and this afternoon.

    I’ve been having porridge this week, with frozen banana put in before microwaving. It’s been better than I could have imagined, and no need for additional sweetners. Though I do add some cinnamon. How do you ‘top’ your porridge?

    • Well done on all the waing and exercise.

      I put sugar on my porridge. Many have tried to convince me to change to fruit or honey. But I don’t like anything but honey and low fat milk. It’s not a lot of sugar and as I don’t drink soft drinks or put sugar in my tea, I am happy to continue. Mushed banana on my porridge – makes me gag at the thought. Sorry.

    • A friend finds me strange – as I can’t eat my porridge with “bits” or lumps in it, same with scones. But I don’t like English muffins without the bits.

      And I hate yoghurt with toppings but I mix my yoghurt through curry.

  2. Looks like we are all in the same boat! I have been back to oatmeal this week too. And walking, and working out. And not so much avoiding the snacks. Weight is the same. It stands to reason…

  3. Weight same here, too. But feeling virtuous about doing a few 45 min walks this week…all in the dark (and “bitter cold”…ah, Melbourne!) A few too many glasses of wine, though…

  4. Your last comment is the one I can relate to. I really enjoy the better cleaner less bloated feeling I have when I’m eating properly. My GP said, don’t worry about the numbers just enjoy the feeling – silly man, could we ever ignore the number lol
    Porridge is a definite these cold Melbourne mornings – cold cereal is on the back burner for the time being.
    Question – if there are biscuits in the house does one eat them slowly as in one a day or eat the whole lot all at one time to get rid of them??

    • Lol at your response to your doctor.

      Now to the perennial biscuits question. I face the same question with chocolate. Michelle Bridge would tell you to throw them in the bin. Dr John (who I have written about before) would say have one bite to assuage your sweet tooth desire AND THROW THE REST IN THE BIN. But you know we mortals will not do either. So I say, have two biscuits a day as a treat. If you guts them you will buy or bake more.

      • Well done Lucinda! 😀

        Whenever I make cookies (I think biscuits are cookies here in the US?), I pre-portion them out in little containers for my lunches. I don’t want to cheat myself out of cookies later in the week, so I (usually) don’t dip into a future day’s cookies.

        Cathy – Have you read anything by Michael Pollan? He says you can have as many treats as you’d like, as long as they’re homemade. That trick has worked for several people I know because they rarely make treats at home. 🙂

  5. Amanda, yes, bikkies (aka biscuits in Australia) are cookies. The home cooking is a good way to limit consumption, except I normally weaken at work when there are other supplies around. I do like the daily portion control method. I try to use that for my other weakness. Chocolate!

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